IT is the thickest book I have ever read so far. It took an exact 1 and a half month to finish it; it was quite fast considering I read it mostly when I was riding a bus. 1376 pages really required a lot of effort to finish it…but it worth every effort spent on it :).


Stephen King mentioned that IT took roughly 4 years to finish…no surprise there, I mean just look at the thickness of the book!!

The story took place in Derry (again), the city where all bad things allowed to happen. In 1958, something in the city killed a lot of children, something called IT. Children saw different shape of IT but mostly IT looks like a clown. By a twist of faith, 7 kids were brought together. Bill Denbrough, Eddie Kaspbrak, Stan Uris, and Richie Tozier often played together in the Barren. One day, a fat boy named Ben Hanscom came into this group by accident. Beverly Marsh who knew Richie came joining not long after that. The six of them helped a black boy named Mike Hanlon from the biggest bully in the town, Henry Bower and his gank. At that day, the circle is completed. The 7 of them with the power own only by kids defeated IT, but they didn’t kill IT. They made a promise to come back to Derry if IT comes back and finished the job.

Over the years, they lived separately and had forgotten all about IT and the promise they had made, they even forgotten their friends. Mike Hanlon was the only one left in Derry. In 1985 he reminded them of the promise they had made 27 years ago. Memories came rushing into their mind one by one. They have to fight IT again and this time they have to kill IT. Can they do it? And what happen to them? That’s something you have to read it yourself!!

The story is gruesome and full of blood. In some parts, it makes me winch imagining the blood and the horrified event that causes the flowing blood. One thing you should be aware of before reading this book is that you have to put all of your attention into it, because Mr.King had written this book like a yo yo, it moves forward and backward. He took you back and forth to 1958 and 1985, if you are not careful (ignoring the small notes that show where the events take place) you’ll get confuse easily. Some people might find this irritating but I honestly thought it was a good idea. It makes me wondering how the movie translating it. In between those years (1958 and 1985), there are also some stories that happened long before 1958 and those stories are essential to the whole storyline.

It was a great book. I thought it was going to be an amazing book, but what happened in the end of the story really bugs me and has reduced the quality of the book. It is just too hard to imagine 7 kids doing it purposely…I mean they are eleven years old kid…the idea is just too absurd, and what’s the point anyway?? Where is the relation of doing it with their escape?? It is just too ridiculous. I bet they erased this part on the movie.

I really like what King had written in the first page. My mother and my wife taught me how to be a man. My children taught me how to be free. Kids, fiction is the truth inside the lie, and the truth of this fiction is simple enough: the magic exist.

I gave this books 4 stars out 5 (which means, I really like it)

3 thoughts on “IT

  1. iya miss saya nonton film nya juga rada2 bosen, soalnya panjang banget….. pas dikira udah selese, eeeh masih ada lanjutannya hahaha capek bgt nntnnya

    Novroz’ Answer
    Tapi saya ga bosan kok bacanya 🙂 malah berasa yaaah udah selesai padahal bacanya dah sampe lebih sebulan gitu.

    Wah udah nonton ya? penasaran deh, seberdarah2 bukunya ga?

  2. iya miss, cuman ga bgitu brutal, saya mah boseeeeen bgt nontonnya, entah knapa, beneran miss, cuman emang badut nya serem banget, kalo anak kecil yg nntn pasti takut banget tuh..

    Novroz’ Answer
    Walopun -mungkin- mang ga bagus n membosankan, tapi saya selalu punya keinginan tuk nntn film2 dr Novel yg saya baca.

    Cnthnya Harpot, dr Harpot 1 sampai 5 belum pernah memuaskan tp ttp ja pgn nntn kalo ada yg ke-6 n 7nya.

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