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MotoGP 09 – Losail, Qatar

The race was supposed to be held on April 12, 2009 BUT few minutes before the race began, rain came down and forced the riders to change their tire into wet tire…and therefore the race was delayed.

But things got worse…the rain got bigger and bigger and accompanied with wind…so the only logical way is to postponed the race. They said the race will be held tonight (which mean I have to start my alarm again because it will be aired at the same time as last night…1 am)

(On Monday, April 13) The race started at exactly 1 am (Indonesia Time)…fortunately I’ve set my alarm on the right time, at first I thought maybe it will become like the previous day when it started at 3am.

The weather was good, nothing could stop the race from happening. All I can remember is Stoner in Pole Position and Rossi in the second, I can’t remember the rest of them. Stoner maintained his position from the start till finish, he had taken a big gap between him and the other riders.

At the first Lap, Capirossi was able to pull himself to second position, Lorenzo in third and Rossi in fourth. As usual Rossi pulled himself up in a matter of minutes, he took over Lorenzo’s position without any trouble at all. Not long after that, he took Capirosi’s position. And that’s the end of Rossi’s taking over moment coz he could not pull himself up to take Stoner’s position…Stoner is just too powerful in straight track.

Now let’s leave the top 2 because it will stay like that till the race is over. After Capirosi was taken by Lorenzo, he maintained his fourth position but unfortunately he kissed the gravel at lap 8. At 12th lap, the fight between Vermeulen, De Angelis and Pedrosa was very interesting. De Angelis accidentaly (I really don’t think he meant to do it) hit Pedrosa’s bike and almost sent him to follow Capirosi’s track but Pedrosa had better luck than Capirosi, he kept his bike steady but it made Kalio had no real problem in taking over his position. On the other hand, De Angelis able to pulled himself up by takiing Vermeulen’s position at Lap 10.

The race continued without any significant incident. At the finish line, Stoner took 1st position, followed by Rossi and Lorenzo…these three went to the podium. The rest were Followed by edward, dovisioso, De Angelis, Vermeulen, Kalio, Elias, De Puniet, Pedrosa, Hayden, Gibernau, Melandri, Takahashi, Toseland and Canepa.

At this first race, Hayden hadn’t shown himself as a worthy companion for Stoner, maybe he could prove himself in the next race. Kalio and Dovisioso were proven to be a strong threat.

It was an okay race (okay because it didn’t have a lot of over taking), I am still expecting for a more competitive race.

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2 comments on “MotoGP 09 – Losail, Qatar

  1. oompa loompa
    April 14, 2009

    tuh kan miss makanya bagusan F1 aja

    Novroz’ Answer
    heh?? in what part is it more interesting than MotoGP, may I ask??

    I’ve watched F1 and got bored in the middle of it because there is almost NO OVER TAKING at all and the only time the Driver could take other driver’s position is when they stop in Pit Stop…jeeez is it a car race or a pit stop race??

  2. oompa loompa
    April 15, 2009

    well you should watch the 2009 season then. they overtake more this year.

    and i think motoGP is the one man race show. you start the race alone and struggling alone with the bike. no drama pitstops like in F1 Singapore GP 2008, which makes it like teamworks race. (and also drivers race too) 😀

    yaudah sih miss ga usah sewot bhahahaha ketauan lagi mikir apa lagi kejelekan F1 tuh :3

    Novroz’ Answer
    hehehe that is the basic idea why I don’t like F1>>that stupid pit stop thing.

    Once, they were planning to do the same to MotoGP and THANKS GOD it didn’t happen…because if it did happen I’ll probably stop watching it again. Team work should happen before the race NOT during the race!!

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