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This is my third time watching this dorama. I have never got tired of watching this dorama. It is sort of like GTO but with a different touch…so the idea is the same but the story is so different. This dorama about the life of a teacher and her teaching method is so inspiring,. Unfortunately the second and third series of Gokusen are so disappointing (the stories are the same and the students are too exagerate).


Some of the writing contains spoiler..

Yamaguchi Kumiko (Nakama Yukie) is the 4rd generation of Oeda Family, a Yakuza Clan, but she has no interest in continuing the family business her dream is to become a teacher like his father. Kuroda Ryuichiro, her Ojiisan, will not force her to do something she doesn’t want to do. Her family consist of 4 other men, they are her Ojiisan’s sub ordinate. Wakamatsu Kouzou, the 2nd in command; Asakura Tetsu, the first henchman, who is in love with kumiko; Tatsukawa Minoru, The second Henchman.  There is another man in that family, unfortunately he is  rarely mentioned throughout the dorama.


Kumiko is accepted in Shirokin (a bad reputation high school). The headmaster, Shirakawa Gonzou, knows about Kumiko’s family and order Kumiko to keep it quiet. The school staff can be seen in the picture below. The head teacher (who also played with Nakama Yukie in Trick Series) is the man who always believes that the students of 3-D are the school’s biggest trouble maker, but in the end he shows everyone that he actually has a big heart.


Kumiko becomes 3-D’s homeroom teacher (tannin), the most troublesome class. There are 26 students in this class, but the problems mostly lie within these 5 students, Uchiyama Haruhiko (Shun Ogori), Minami Youichi, Noda Takeshi, Kumai Teruo, and Sawada Shin (Matsumoto Jun). They called Kumiko as Yankumi. Day by day Yankumi is able to melt those hard hearts and makes them a better person.


The first episode is Kuma’s problem, he was accused of stealing the school’s money. Yankumi believed in Kuma’s word, she started looking for the money. When Kuma confessed that he was lying, Yankumi hit him and told him never to steal because it’s a matter of pride and dignity. “Be delinquent with Pride and Dignity!!”. The second episode is Minami’s Problem. Minami was dating a girl who happened to someone else’s girl, when Minami was challenge for stealing his girl the rest of the class let him go alone. Yankumi was furious because she believed that friend should stick together no matter what happens. “People don’t do anything alone, so don’t abandon your friends”. The third episode is Uchi’s problem. He was accused to be the thief that had been stealing from women every night. Yankumi and the other 4 boys decided to catch the thief by planting a decoy. This episode mostly shows the love of a mother for her son.


The fourth episode is Noda’s Problem. He fell in love with Fujiyama Shizuka, the English Teacher, and got rejected indirectly. He then exposed Fujiyama’s secret. Yankumi told him that that was a bad thing to do. If you like someone, do the best for her no matter how she feels for you”. The fifth episode is about understanding the different of fight and violence. Fighting someone one on one or fighting because you want to protect someone is a respectful thing but violence such as bullying someone or a bunch of people beating on a single person is nothing but a cowardice action. The sixth episode is about Masato Yuki. The school was holding sport competition, while trying to fill her quota of sport player Yankumi realized that the class has another student. Masato had stopped coming to school because he was bullied (ijime) by his classmate and no one was there to help him. I really like what Yankumi said in this episode “Don’t wait till someone give you a hand, even when something bad happens you gotta pick yourself up and keep going. Isn’t that what life is all about?”

The seventh episode is Sawada’s problem. Sawada’s parent, especially his father, had high expectation over his children and that’s why Shin decided to live alone. His sister was left with all the highest expectation from their father. When Shin was put in jail for helping his sister, his father didn’t want to help him. Yankumi stepped up and basically said that children have their own will and a parent should not force their children to be something they want. The eighth episode is Kawashima Kikuno’s problem. The ninth episode is about Kurosaki, a kid that had been kicked out of school. I really like the words from Yankumi in this episode, “No matter who you are, a cop, a teacher, a parent, when you make mistake you have to ask for an apology” and “When you have time to blame people for something that had happened, then you better use that time to look to the future”

The tenth episode shows Yankumi’s determination over her students, no matter how bad they are, they are still her students. It’s true that they have bad grades but life isn’t all about grade, it is about heart…God how I wish it can be applied in my school, when school has high prestige all they think about is good grade, not how to help them becoming a better person. The eleventh episode is Kuma’s problem again.  These 5 students accidentally caught a wanted criminal and they were given an award. Kuma’s father was so proud of him and it sort of made Kuma ashamed. His father passed away the next day and Kuma felt guilty for his words before his father died. Yankumi made him realized that what matters now is to help the rest of the family and make his late father proud. The last episode is continuity from the previous episode. A group of reporter put Yankumi’s picture in a magazine, it was a picture showing Yankumi hitting a man. The article told everyone that Yankumi comes from a Yakuza family and she is very violent. What can save Yankumi is something you have to see for yourself!!

I can guarantee you that you won’t feel disappointed watching this dorama…I wish every teacher in Indonesia can watch this. We might never gonna be as perfect and as passionate as she is, but at least we can try the value she tries to pass over all teachers. Although one of my students claimed that I sort of look like Yankumi but I am sure I am still far from being like her. I wish I can become a homeroom teacher again. I really like being a homeroom teacher coz I can help them and be there for them. I have had those glorious time when I was in Muhammadiyah….Not all of them are smart but they touched my heart coz I meant something for them as they meant something for me.


Unfortunately, this dorama was copied badly by Indonesian Sinetron…it totally ruined the essence of this dorama.


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2 comments on “Gokusen

  1. yellowtofu
    April 8, 2009

    Di-copy sinetron Indonesia? Judul apa? Wah jadi penasaran…

    Novroz’ Answer
    Itu gw dah kasih linknya…ah rusak bgt deh pokoknya

  2. Xeristh
    January 22, 2014

    Wah, mbak nonton ini juga?
    Menurut aku bagusan yg versi manganya. Sama season 2 (walau yg season 2 n 3 ga ada hubungannya ama manganya.)

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