Supervising Formative Test—AGAIN

Here comes another formative test!! On the last formative test…my mind was too occupied with a lot of things and therefore I didn’t write anything about it. For this formative test, which will be held on march 23-31, I wanna try something new…I wanna write it in English instead of Indonesian.

ONCE AGAIN they gave me a full schedule…for crying out loud how many time should I say I can’t do any supervising on TUESDAY and THURDAY…jeeez they just don’t get the message easy, do they? Well that means one thing, I’ll dodge it again…like always. So…those poor students will meet me on Mon, Wed, Fri and the next Mon.

You may ENJOY it or HATE it…I don’t really give a damn!! This is my blog, my mind, my writing…if you don’t like it YOU ARE FREE TO TAKE A HIKE!!

Monday, 23 March

I supervised 3 rooms on Monday. First is room 10. The 11th graders have been visited so often by me so there were no problems from them. On the other hand, the 10th graders didn’t know me that much and voila…not very long I caught a boy asking to his friend. Fortunately, after I scolded him he went quietly and no movements afterward. Things went quite normal and quiet.

The second room was room 1 with Mrs. Husnul. There was nothing important happen in this room. Mrs. Husnul already said all things that needed to be said.

The last room was room 9…hohoho I’ve been to this room so often, I know both 11th graders and 10th graders. Nothing big happened with the 11th graders but the 10th graders were so active. I scolded the usual girl (always cheat every time I supervise her class) and a boy for giving a notion of 4 using his hand. I also said ‘You guys need to understand which teachers are easy and which are not!! I often supervised you and you still haven’t figured it out yet!!

Wednesday, 25 march

Hajimete no heya wa rokuban heya deshita. shiken wa Nihongo, juuichi kyuu kurasu no tame ni, to kagaku, juu kyuu kurasu no tame ni. Nihongo shiken ga aru kara atashi wa Nihongo de kaki kimeta. Mazu nan no koto ga nai shikashi kareratachi wa itsumademo chanzu o sagashiteimashita. Futari onna no ko to hitori otoko no ko wa soogo ni kikimashita. Kanojo wa yubi de kikimashita…hehehe kanojo ni okotte imashita.

My second room was Room 2. There was a boy who seemed restless since he saw the paper, so I focused my attention to him and voila I caught him trying to ask his friend. I told him not to do that, and he tried to act suprised and innocent..yeah right..anyway, after that he stopped moving. The most interesting part happened when Mr.Dwi found some Physic abbreviation on the white board, they were written using regular pen. Mr.Dwi made such a big fuzz about it. If I was their physic teacher, I would ask the perpetrator to confess and spare the rest of the class.

Friday, 27 March

I had 2 rooms to supervised on Friday…fortunately both of them are my own students, meaning I taught them and they had known my character. I don’t have to pull my nerve to tell them not to cheat.

The first room was Room 27, this room lies in the same room with Room 28, which mean I can see Room 27 and Room 28 as well. But, I have no intention to watch 2 rooms at the same time. The other room may do whatever they like, the have their own teacher watching them. I could see them asking each other to fill their answer sheet…but I was too busy watching my own room…what was the other teacher do if not to control them? My room did the test quietly…there were some actions but nothing really serious. Small cheats happened but only a glimpse.

The second room was room 22, another 12th grade :). I don’t have to do much in this room. Some tried to ask but since these are the students I know all I need to do was just look at them and pointed them not to do it again…there was really no need to start pulling my nerve to scold them.

Friday is abviously a fun day to supervise.

Monday, 30 March


The last day is the quietest day of all. I have 2 rooms today and all of them are 12th graders. The first room is room 22 (again)…hahaha I don’t have to write a lot about this room. The second room is room 24…and everyone is so quiet. No story to tell


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