The Shawshank Redemption

I have heard a lot of good things about this movie, it Fariz’s no 1 movie and also Freddie Highmore’s favorite movie. This movie is based on Stephen King’s short novel called Tina Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. It was compiled in Different Seasons which I haven’t read yet.

The story was about a young banker man named Andy Dufresne (played by Tim Robin) who was sent to Shawshank for double murder he claimed he didn’t commit. In Shawshank he met a man Named Ellis ‘Red’ Redding (played by Morgan Freeman) who happened to be the man who can provide anything to inmates. Andy looked like a weak man but he was far from being weak. He proved his existence by trying to make a better library for the inmates and helped some of them to get their high school diploma.

Andy and Red’s friendship grew stronger year by year. One day, a new punk kid came into Shawshank and became the member of their little gang. The kid’s name was Tommy Williams. His presence changed everything, as if he had awakened a sleeping dragon that sleeps inside Andy.

This one is a spoiler (blacken it if you want to read it). Tommy was killed by the warden because he swore he knew who killed Andy’s wife and her lover. He could prove Andy is innocent. But the warden won’t let that happen because he needed Andy to keep on laundering his money. He killed Tommy. That incident made Andy decided it was the best time for him to flee from Shawshank. He became the man he had invented (the man he used to cover up the crime of money laundering).

The Story was told from Red’s point of view. How he felt about Andy and the prison itself.

Here’s my opinion on the movie…

It is a great movie…deep and touching…but it is so not Stephen King!! If I had watched this movie without first handedly knowing that Mr. King had made it I would have been shocked. I mean, Green Mile is also a deep and touching movie but I can smell Mr. King lurking behind the story. It makes me want to read Different seasons so bad, I want to know how the real novel is. If the story really looks like this movie, my amazement toward Stephen King will become higher than ever (and I am already his biggest fans for years) because it will prove his talent in writing.

The Shawshank Redemption is without doubt a great movie which tells us about the power of Hope, BUT I wouldn’t say it is the greatest movie of all time. In comparison to Mr. King’s other movies (Movie based on his novels) I still like Green Mile the best. And there are still a lot of other movies that I like more than Shawshank but trust me when I say it was worth watching it 🙂



  1. this movie is all about the power of hope ya miss, saya juga dianjurkan untuk nonton sama fariz, he is a real movieholic. you should ask him first before watching a movie, is the movie worth watching of not. he has great numbers of cool movies miss, you better ask him, i already proved it. you gotta watch hotel rwanda too miss, it’s a beautiful movie, also about the power of hope 🙂 hehe

    Novroz’ Answer
    Hehe i borrowed shawshank from him! But about asking him b4 watching movie..I dnt think that’s necesary bcoz i have my own instinct to trust, if my instinct says watch it n I will watch it inspite of its bad review and it goes vise virsa.

  2. kalo gitu lain kali HL HL begitu jangan nonton X-Files series mulu miiiiiissss, apalagi yang tentang great mutato! hahaha

    Novroz’ Answer
    Huahaha for that x files series, you have to talk to ms.iin

  3. @ Aishow cantik: wekwekwek…baru nemu nih…veeery late! but i don’t care! actually I played it twice only, eve and great mutato, the last also the only one X-files episode I really don’t like, so that I decided to let you watch it huahahahahahahahahahaha……………… matter what, you enjoyed it right? 😉

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