Laruku in Talk (Utaban 2005)

I found this interesting video yesterday…why did I say interesting?? Well…because it is a mind game. The one who do the game is Larc En Ciel \(^_^)/

Don’t mind the language…you’ll get the point once you’ve seen it. There were 2 games. The first one is something that often played by Japanese. It is to see how your left brain and right brain works…could it work together or not. You will be asked to follow a picture that showed left and right hand and then tried to imitate the movement. It was pretty easy if you do it slowly but it gets more difficult when you do it faster…eventually you’ll lose control of your own fingers.

You can see how agonized their faces are.  Ken seemed to master this game very well and he seemed to enjoy it too.

The second game is counting how many people in the bus. It was quite tricky. You’ll see some people getting on the bus while some other getting off the bus. The first and the second bus were easy but the third bus was way too difficult. Hyde answered with a question mark instead of a number to show how confuse he was.

Enjoy and try doing it!!

This video is uploaded by hikku18

One thought on “Laruku in Talk (Utaban 2005)

  1. miss permainan yg bus itu i can guest correctly all those 3 questions, hahaha bangga miss tp yg permainan tangan pegel bgt miss

    Novroz’ Answer
    whue cangih!! sy ga bisa ngejawab yang terakhir.

    hahaha emang tuh permainan jari bikin keram tgn

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