English Debate Indigo 28

This year’s debate (Indigo 28) was participated by 12 teams, they were SMAN 28, SMAN 3 (Super Class) A and B, SMAN 34 A and B, SMAN 104 A and B, SMA Fons Vitae, SMAN 13, SMKN 8 and SMAN 99.


Before I discuss about the debate…I want to say that I feel dissapointed that once again, like scrool, they do not consult with me on how an English Debate should be!! 1st they made wrong classification on scoring…but I fix that up. I already said that the motion should be in form of sentence like This House Believe bla bla bla or This House Would bla bla bla with a more specific case. But in the end the motion is just a theme with no clear definition on what should they defend on their debate. Too bad…two mistake in a row (1st SCROOL and now Indigo).

The elimination round used SCROOL’s way of elimination which is to eliminate every group that won with smaller margin…but since SCROOL, I felt this way of elimination is rather unfair, coz winning by smaller margin doesn’t mean that they are not as good as the higher margin…sometime smaller margin happens because they have stronger opponent. So after saying this thing to the other adjudicators (they also felt it’s unfair), one of them suggested to do another round for the smaller margin.

Preliminary round 1

The first match was SMKN 8 Vs SMAN 3 A and won by SMAN 3 A. The second match was SMA Fons Vitae Vs SMKN 8 and won by Fons Vitae. The third match was SMAN 34 A Vs SMAN 104 A and won by SMAN 34 A. The forth match SMAN 3 A Vs SMAN 28 and won by SMAN 3 B. The fifth match was SMAN 13 Vs SMAN 34 B and won by SMAN 34 B. and the last match was SMAN 99 Vs  SMAN 104 B and won by SMAN 99.

Preliminary round 2

The second preliminary round was for SMAN 34 B, SMA Fons Vitae , SMAN 99, and SMAN 3 B. the first match was SMAN 34 B against SMAN 3 B, and SMAN 34 B able to defeat SMAN 3. Seeing all the teams I was hoping both Fons Vitae and SMAN 99 could go to semifinal…both of them are very good. But unfortunately they had to fight each other so we had to let one of them go. Fons Vitae won not by a unanimous decision…it was a hard choice. If both of them were debating against the other 2, we were sure that both of them will be able to defeat their opponent…SMAN 99, don’t be sad, you guys are awesome.


The first match in semifinal was SMAN 34 B against SMA Fons Vitae. The motion was about Same Sex Marriage. Although SMAN 34 B had the benefit as the negative team but unfortunately they weren’t able to present good arguments. SMA Fons Vitae won by unanimous decision. The second match was SMAN 34 A against SMAN 3 A. The motion was about using Euthanasia. And once again it was a unanimous decision to SMAN 3.


So…the final was SMA Fons Vitae against SMAN 3. The theme was Abortion. Although Fons Vitae has a benefit as the negative team but SMAN 3 A presented stronger arguments. It wasn’t a unanimous decision because one of the adjudicators thought that Fons Vitae was more solid than SMAN 3 but the other two thought SMAN 3 had better arguments. In the end majority wins. So the winner was SMAN 3 A.

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