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The One Who Will Draw the World Map

Although Nami joined Luffy and Zoro after their battle against Buggy The Clown but she truly joined the group after she faced her greatest fear with her friends’ help (at that time Mugiwara kaizokudan had consisted of 4 men).

Nami was a great weather reader and an amazing Map drawer. Luffy made her as his navigator. Nami hated Pirate and that’s why she refused luffy’s, but in the end she accepted it in term of mutual relationship. Nami will be their navigator as long as she can collect all the treasure. Nami loved treasure so much.

Nami officially becomes part of Mugiwara Kaizoku right after The Battle of Arlong Park.


Nami has high temper (unlike their future member, Robin), she is so cute but she can be a monster when she is angry. She can be considered as the mother because she is the one who keeps scolding the other member when they are doing something wrong.

Before she meets Luffy, she was a pirate robber…even after she joins Mugiwara kaizoku, she still can perform her art of thievery very well.


Nami can easily manipulate Sanji (or is it, Sanji can be easily manipulated by her 😉 ) and she really enjoys doing it.

She has no special skill in fighting but she wants to fight and help her friends. Usopp created Clima Tact for her…at first, it was a bit of a joke…but Nami can figure out the best way to use it. Usopp updated Clima Tact with Dials from Skypea. The new version of Clima Tact is incredibly powerful. She can actually control the weather around her.


Nami’s dream is to draw the maps of every single place in this world.



This is my dedication for The Best Manga Ever Existed, One Piece by Eiichiro Oda


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