A Dedication for One Piece

Yesterday I bought One Piece Volume 50…wow 50!! Isn’t that amazing?? Some might say that it’s getting boring but for me…I never get tired of One Piece no matter how much volume it will be.

In honor of this 50 volumes, I decided to use every bit of my free time to finish what I have started months ago (or maybe years ago). I wanted to write a small description of every member in Mugiwara Kaizoku but somehow I always got distracted by something. Now, I am going to focus all my attention to finish it before volume 51 is released.

Mugiwara Kaizokudan


Mugiwara kaizokudan are :

  • Captain : Monkey D Luffy (The Future Pirate King)

  • 2nd man : Roronoa Zoro (The Greatest Swordsman in the World)

  • Navigator : Nami (The One Who Will Draw the World Map)

  • Sniper : Usopp (The Bravest Man of the Sea)

  • Chef : Sanji (The Finder of All-Blue)

  • Doctor : Tonny Tonny Chopper (The Cutest Doctor)

  • Archaeologist : Nico Robin (The One Who Will Solve the Missing History)

  • Carpenter : Franky (The Sensitive Cyborg)

  • Musician : Brook (The Talking Skeleton)

And the adventures they had been through:

The Adventures are continued in The Amazing World of One Piece

2 thoughts on “A Dedication for One Piece

  1. kayak pirates of carribean gitu ya? petualangan dilaut gt kn? bnyk jg smpi 50 vol kyk conan byk bgt serinya hahahh

    1. sekarang dah 54…di Jepang mgkn dah 57…tp qt para fans Onepiece malah pengen terus smp 100 krn Oda jenius bgt!! selalu memberikan kejutan2.

      Iya ttg Pirate tp dibanding Pirate of Carrebean…Onepiece jauh lebih seru

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