Song Interpretation : Absolution


Apocalypse Please

When you hear the song, it felt so dark and mysterious. This song only has 10 lines, but those 10 lines are more than enough to explain the meaning of the song. For me it is about saving ourselves because the end of the world is near…and how could we save ourselves?? By changing and maybe a little miracle will help.


Time is Running Out

This song has so many meaning…I couldn’t quite fix into 1 thing. It could be about a girl or drug or something else. But the bottom line is, I think, it is about something so nice that happening in someone’s life but that ‘something’ will be over soon. No matter what happen he will try to stop it from happening coz if the time is really running out it will squeeze the life out of him.


Sing for Absolution

This is a very difficult song…At first it feels like a love song but the more I read it the more I feel like it’s not as simple as that. I know that this is going to be a bold interpretation but this is how I see it…


The song is about how someone who doesn’t believe in God feels in the edge of death. We all know that Matt is an atheist and to me this song tells a story about someone who doesn’t believe in God but when he is dying he know that deep down inside he believe that God do exist…but it all seems like a dream not a reality. “I only dream of you my beautiful”. When his lips starting to turn blue, in other word when he is dying, it’s too late to believe in God, he can only peek on the light but he won’t go trough it. All he can do is just asking for absolution, for freedom, because now he starts falling away from the grace of God. He can not hide anymore and he can not trust anyone….everything that he fell will stay in his heart. His entire mistake throughout his life are still broken, unfix, and he knows that his soul will stay where it was and never be free. Well basically this man wants to believe in God but even in the edge of death he can not do it.


Stockholm Syndrome

It is a great song, one of the best of all muse’ songs…but the lyric is so confusing, no matter how often I read it I still couldn’t put my head together and come out with the interpretation. Is there anyone who can help me with this??


Falling Away with You

For me it’s a broken relation song. Matt was trying to tell about one of his relationships, they used to have a good relation, a good love, but somewhere in between it all change, it seems that all the good times just disappeared somewhere. Everything feels so chaotic, it makes him hard to remember good times that once was there. He thinks maybe it was all just a misunderstanding so he is willing to give another chance and forget everything that happens recently. But the fact is that nothing stays the same, it’s like chasing a dream, they can not stay together anymore because everything they try to do is only destroying them, and it’s crumbling their life.



A very interesting song about being hysterical. The lyric really pictures how you feel when you get obsessed and want it so bad to be yours. It show how does it feel to be in the edge of losing control.



For me it’s a song that reminds me of every aspect in life. No matter how good the love that you feel inside, but don’t fool yourself because nothing in this life last forever like the words “live happily ever after” in most fairy tales, so stop dreaming because you’re too old to dream. People see life in different ways, some people want to grow up as fast as they can as if teenage life is just nothing but a pain in the ass, while other have a hard time to let their past go, they linger in their past and feeling that now is not as good as their life before…but all of those people are too young to notice that life won’t last forever so just enjoy every moment of it. And then he said that you have to cherish your life because before you know it, it ends before our eyes.


Butterflies and Hurricanes

This is my favorite lyric of all…just like Invincible…it’s an impetus song.

Matt is telling us to change ourselves because it’s our time to show up, our battle in life has begun, we have to prepare for all obstacles that will cross our path of life. It is the time for us to be the best, to change the world and to be heard. We have to start becoming somebody, emerge from the fact that we once nobody. Make every chance feels like the last chance so we are force to do the best of it…and never let ourselves down.

Get out of your cocoon and change yourself from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly and if possible change the course of universe like a hurricane. You yourself can make your life better.


The Small Print 

Once again, I can’t put my head together and come out with an interpretation..I really don’t know what Matt’s trying to say through this song.



If we hear this song without paying close attention to the original lyrics, it feels like a beautiful love song but once you hear every words of it, it turns out that this is a song about love that never comes. It’s about someone, let’s just say it’s a man, he loves a girl so deep, he would give everything he has to make her happy, he won’t let her down and feeling sad, he will endlessly love her. “But the moment never comes” show that all his love for her never reach her, she never finds out about his feeling. He tries to speak up but nothing ever comes out of his mouth and it stays inside him. It’s kinda sad isn’t it?


Thoughts of a Dying Atheist

The title tells all about its lyric. For me it’s the easiest lyric to interpret. When we die…we as someone who believe in religion, no matter what the religion is…know that there are something waiting for us in the after life. How about an atheist? They don’t believe in God, religion and of course after life…where will they believe they’ll go? Some of the lyrics describe when the death comes crawling to his side, the time to leave the world is getting closer and there’s nothing can be done, is he afraid to die? Thinking about the fact that there’s nothing in the end of the road, nothing to be expected after he die scared him so bad. Life would end just like that.


Ruled by Secrecy

I think the song is about someone who works in secrecy, kinda like secret agent. What he did will help the country but he is never really in charge of everything and everything that he had done must remain in secret.


This album has great songs with difficult interpretation.


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