David Cook


David cook’s first album had been released few months ago, somewhere in November but I couldn’t bring myself to write about it as soon as it was released due to the lack of interest in his genre.

I have fallen in love with David Cook (DC) since I heard him singing Everything I Do in American Idol 2008. When he finally won and heading straight to recording studio, I –without any doubt– know what kind of music he will be making…it is –without doubt– modern hard rock music, the kind that similar with Creed, Alter Bridge and Daughtry. The kind of music that cannot get into my heart entirely. I like SOME of modern hard rock songs, but probably it is less than 10% of all modern hard songs that ever exist in this planet.

…And that’s why it took me few months just to write a review over my all time American Idol favorite’s first album. I need to listen it over and over again just to be able to say that the songs are okay. Regardless of my less interest on DC’s album, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m still in love with his beautiful and powerful voice.

There are 14 songs in DC’s self title Album. I like some of them instantly, I like some of them after hearing it for some times and up to today I could only say the rest of the songs are okay (maybe the feeling will change one day).

Here are my favorites : Declaration, Heroes (I like it so much, I couldn’t get the refrain out of my head), Light On ( This is so DC, every bit of it as if shouting this is DC’s song. Good choice for second single), Come Back to Me (It has a cheerful tone that I like. It Reminds me of Analog Heart), Bar Ba Sol (Love it so much, the drum beat, the voice the rhythm all mixed into a great song), I Did It For You (I really like it, sounds cheerful), Permanent, Time of My Life (I don’t need to write anything about this song, I think everyone who had watched AI knows how good this song is).

These are his OKAY songs : Life on The Moon, Lie, Mr. Sensitive, Avalanche, A Daily Anthem, Kiss on The Neck (for me this song is a bit toneless noisy).

I wish DC makes not-so-nowadays-kinda songs… stood up a bit differently over the other coz for me nowadays rock music are so similar, only few of them stood up differently. How I miss the old time rock era.

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