Drama Footage

Here is some footage from Class of 2009’s Drama


My most favorite one is The Snow White by Dito’s group. I chose their fighting scene.

My second favorite is Sungokong Parody by Widi’s group



I also like these ideas:

Instead of kissing only snow white, the prince decided to kiss all the girls (Bayu’s Group)

Innovative way to describe angels bathing in the river (Aishow’s group)

>>Class of 2008, if by accident, find this article…don’t be jealous, at your time both me and miska have no camera to properly record you….all I have is 1,3mp cellphone’s camera L

3 thoughts on “Drama Footage

  1. […] Lalu dari wall magazine…ah gw ga perlu berbicara panjang lebar soal ini, cukup liat artikel sebelumnya (here)…keren2 n lucu2. Walaupun di minggu pertama hanya beberapa grup yang memukau namun semakin kebelakang sebagai WAH. Ini sebagian dr drama mereka : here […]

  2. miss itu bathing scenenya ternyata menjijikkan banget yaaaaa hahahaha

    Novroz’ Answer
    huahaha emang sih! tapi seru juga sih.
    btw idenya sapa ya?

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