R.E.M : Perfect Square

R.E.M. is one of few bands that can survive and still exist for many years. They have their own style that separates them from the rest. Their genre is rock but not too hard. They are Peter Buck in Guitar, Mike Mills in Bass and Michael Stipe in Vocal. The 1st song that caught my attention and made start listening to them was Losing My Religion…it’s a timeless song that never bored me. I’m not gonna say that I’m R.E.M. biggest fans, because I’m not…but I do follow their music and really like their music. Their music is different without losing the sense of catchiness…let’s just say it’s so R.E.M. I knew R.E.M. since I was in junior or senior high school (can quite remember the exact time). They wrote interesting lyrics to describe their feeling.


Yesterday I found their Live DVD which contains a lot of my favorite songs…so without slightest doubt I bought that DVD. It was Perfect Square, a live concert in 2004. I don’t know where the concert took place, but there were many buildings around the area…and that’s why it was called Square. It was not in club or stadium, it was in the middle of city.

They played 23 songs. They were Begin The Begin; What’s The Frequency Kenneth?; Map and Legends; Drive; Animal; Day Sleeper; The Great Beyond; Bad Day; The One I Love; All The Way To Reno; Orange Cash; Losing My Religion; At My Most Beautiful; Electrolyte; She Just Wants To Be; Walk Unafraid; Man on The Moon; Everybody Hurt; So Fast So Numb; Country Feedback; Permanent Vacation; Imitation of Life; and they closed it with It’s The End of The World as We Know It. The ones in red are the songs that I already know and of course I like all of those songs. The ones in blue are the songs I haven’t heard before but I like too…it’s very easy to like their songs.


The stage was full with many colors and not too big. They came out looking like men who were just about to go to work (shirt, ties and coat). It was a fun concert, those three men (plus additional players) gave an amazing show. As usual, Michael Stipe danced his dance along the concert…he has his own style of dancing which looks funny to people who never seen it before. Mike Mills sometimes changed his instrument into piano. Before the concert, they took some request songs from their web, one of those songs were Electrolyte. They also played songs based on individual favorite.

What fascinated me was the range of the audience, from teenagers to old people…it’s like seeing three generations of fans. That puts me in the second generation ^_^.

Beside the concert, there is also an extra about their performance in Sterling Castle.


    1. I agree with you!! Their songs can be accepted by many generation. Too bad, nowadays US bands aren’t like R.E.M, their music only reach teenagers’ ears

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