The Day The Earth Stood Still

Honestly, the only reason I watch this movie is because the most handsomest man in the universe is in this movie…everyone who knows me know how crazy I am over this man named Keanu reeves…I always watch Keanu’s Movie (at least the one where he becomes the leading role not the supporting role), and I honestly said not all of his movies are good…some worth to be collected while other only worth to watch because he was in it. The conclusion is even though I love Keanu Reeves but that doesn’t mean my judgment over his movie is clouded by my admiration.

For example…Keanu looks so hot in Street King and looks gorgeous in Sweet November, but I don’t like both of that movies. Street King is easily predicted and sweet November makes no sense at all. Now let’s take a look at Speed…I lost count of how many times I have watched it. And Matrix trilogy is one of my all time favorite movie. Both of those movies become my favorite not only because Keanu was in it but because the story are really good.

Too bad I couldn't find the one with keanu's face in it
Too bad I couldn't find the one with keanu's face in it



Now, back to the real Topic. The Day The Earth Stood Still was a remake of an old movie (1951), at that time the problem was cold war but now it is about Global Warming. An Alien named Klaatu (played by my lovely Keanu Reeves) came to earth as a representative to talk with the world leaders, he came to save the earth. He landed on Manhattan and caught by US Government…at this part, we can see how arrogance is United State government. When Klaatu asked to talk to the world leaders (or UN) they simply said just to talk to US Presidential representative as if the world is not as highly regarded as US.

Fortunately Klaatu met Helen Benson (Jennifer Connelly) and her son Jacob (Jaden Smith). They helped him escape from military camp and found out his intention in earth. He said “If the earth die, human die but If human die, the earth live”, so he was there to wipe out human race in order to give earth a chance to survive and start over. Human kept on destroying the earth in any possible ways. But he came to realized that in the brink of destruction, human can change into a better person and it might save the earth.

The idea of wiping out human race was made like Noah’s Ark. Klaatu collected all kind of species and then realized the flood, but it wasn’t water, it was a tiny biological bug that will wipe out everything in sight.

Some people said to me that the movie is neither good nor interesting, but I said the other way around. It’s a good movie that really defies Science in science fiction, the moral of the story is very strong. If I have to compare it with other movie that has moral in it like The Happening, I have to say, I like The Day The Earth Stood Still way better than the Happening. But don’t expect to see a lot action in this movie…coz you’ll be disappointed.

So..this is gonna be one movie that I will definitely collect.

here are Jennifer Connellly and KeanuReeves


The straight-face Klaatu


The Trailler

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