Chinese Democracy

Finally….the long awaited album has come out. The “New” Guns N’ Roses had just released Chinese Democracy in the end of November. Even though the name is still Guns n Roses but DO NOT expect to see all the original member lining up in this album, the original member is only AXL ROSE. The rest of the member are Dizzy Reed-another surviving member but can not be called as original member- in Keyboard; Buckethead, Robin Finck, Ron Thal, Paul Tobias and Richard Fortus in Guitars – the 1st three are the lead guitarist-; Tommy Stinson and Chris Pitman in Bass, Brain and Frank Ferrer in Drum. It seems like the whole country are lining up in this group isn’t it? Well, the truth is some of them are only additional member.

First, let’s talk about the “Old” Guns N Roses. This is the first band that I love so much, more than any other bands that ever exist in this planet…it really broke my heart when they decided to break up. But it wasn’t a big surprise because of the arrogance of Axl Rose. The original members are Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff Mc Kagan, and Steven Adler. Steven was kicked out due to drug addiction problem. Izzy left the band. The last three finally split up after their 4th album, The Spaghetti Incident. Slash, Duff and Matt (Steven’s replacement) made new band called Velvet Revolver. I love slash but somehow I couldn’t make my self liking this band…it was just not my kind of music, tho I really like one of their songs, Last fight.

Now, let’s talk about the Chinese Democracy! We could easily call it as Axl Rose’s Solo Album because he has all the control during the production of all of the songs. At first, I thought the album was going to be very industrial rock…and thanks God it wasn’t…some of the songs are SO AXL. The first time I heard the CD, I thought ‘wow…so many high pitch songs, it’s gonna be a bit irritating’ the second I played the CD ‘hey, these songs are great, these songs are Okay and ough I don’t get this song’. Overall, I gotta say that it is a very good album…I like it way better than any other GNR’s ex member’s albums. Axl didn’t make something that sounds like nowadays rock music, it stands alone and apart from the other. I long for this kind of music.

Guns N' Roses Newest album
Guns N' Roses newest Album

Here are the songs :

Chinese Democracy

This song talks about how democracy works in China. Rumors said that axl wrote this song after watching a movie about China. They are banned in China because of this. I like this song, the drum beat is really ear-catching. The solo guitar is by Robin and Buckethead

Shackler’s Revenge

The intro is really interesting, its like a statement saying ‘listen to me’. Axl uses his low and high voice in a same time. The solo guitar is by Ron Thal. I really like the refrain, its really an energetic song.


It’s one of my favorite songs in this album. ‘No one ever told me when I was alone. They thought I’d know better…better’ I really like this song!! Fun and yet powerful. The solo guitar is by Buckethead and Robin Finck.

Street of Dreams

This song was first called The Blues, then axl changed it into Street of Dreams. It starts with a piano intro. I already liked this song since I heard it in their Live show a few years ago. The solo is also by Robin and Buckethead.

If The World

I don’t really into this song. Axl sings in high voice throughout the song. There’s Spanish influence in this song. Guitar solo and acoustic are by Buckethead.

There Was A Time

My other favorite songs. ‘It was a long time for you, It was a long time for me, It’d be a long time for anyone but looks like it’s meant to be’. Somehow, this song felt like a statement for the old member of GNR…well at least that’s the way I see it. The solo is by Robin and Buckethead. This song use orchestra as a back sound.

Catcher in the Rye

Another song that I like so much. The song is really easy to listen. The solo is by Robin and Ron.


The song starts with Axl shouting ay-o. This is another song that really hard to take (well at least for me). The solo is by Buckethead and Ron Thal.

Riad and The Bedouins

Tho I don’t know what the title means is but I really like this song. It is really noisy but its fun. Solo by Ron Thal n Buckethead.


I also think that this song showed Axl’s feeling to the old member. ‘I’m sorry for you, not sorry for me. You don’t know who in the hell to or not to believe’. It’s a slow tempo song. One of my favorites.


It’s a not-bad-song. The solo is by Robin and Buckethead


Just like street of Dreams, I have loved this songs since I heard it’s LIVE version few years ago. Some of the quote in the middle of the song previously appeared in Civil war, and there was also quote from Martin Luther King. This song also uses orchestra. The solo is by Buckethead.

This I Love

I loveee this song!! My most favorite song. But I found the lyric too cheezy for Axl, it was full of love bullshit…something I had never find in Axl’s previous songs. Too bad the solo is not really interesting, it is by Ron Thal. The solo should be more dramatic.


It’s an okay song. The solo is by Buckethead.

Axl Rose

When they broke up, after 10 years of separation and no new songs to listen to, I turned my attention and my love of music to Larc En Ciel and Muse, but that didn’t mean my love to GNR was gone. I’ m so happy for this album, I truly hope Axl is not going to stop what he had re-started.

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