Theater of Kiss

I finally get my hand on this DVD (^_^)/, a bit expensive but that’s okay…I don’t really care bout money when it comes to Larc~en~Ciel. The cover is a theatrical picture of Laruku and a couple of bunnies, it stands for the title of the concert, Theater of Kiss.


The concert started with 2 bunnies that were offered to peep into a booth by a man who’s wearing the same hat as Hyde. The peep hole lead to the stage and those two rabbits talk to each other from the left-right big screen and then came out and walked on the stage.

The stage was built like a theater stage with red and black checkered floor. Seventh Heaven was played as the opening song. There was a very big screen behind them and during this song, it showed the color of rainbow.

And then I heard an intro of something I haven’t heard in quite a long time, they were going to sing And She Said…huaa I was so excited, a rare song like this always makes me happy. The two rabbits reappeared with piano and timpani.

Laruku has 11 albums so far, that means they had have a great number of singles and songs, to cover them all –or trying to cover- they made a medley song consist of 8 songs. It started with Killing Me and then continued to my most favorite song from Awake, New World. They played Driver High’s intro but stopped instantly because Hyde had something to say and then the song continued. Shinsoku came afterward (I wish they played it full). And then they played something I couldn’t recognized, they change it so much, eventually I knew that it was Promised Land. Some parts of the song weren’t the same like the original. Without delaying it, Yuki hit the drum creating a rhythm I knew so much, As One always able to lift up my spirit. It stopped for a moment and then Tetchan showed up with a banana and started playing the intro of Stay Away by using that banana as a pick. The whole parade was closed with Seppun. Hyde let the audience sing a long with him in some of the songs.


Then hyde sang in high voice, it was Shine, their new single (tho I would prefer Nexus_4 over this one). Ken played a great riff in this song. Without waiting, they played Spiral right away. The stage was filled with different colors, from green to yellow to blue and then back to green and yellow. After Spiral, they needed to take a break by playing a commercial about hug-hug shieru, a black devil plastic doll. They repeated this commercial 4 times in this DVD’s extra (bonus), but they only played 1 commercial which include laruku’s picture.

They came back looking a bit different, they didn’t really change their clothes, they merely take off their over coat…and played 5 songs from KISS consecutively. First song was my second favorite song in KISS, Daybreak’s Bell. The stage turned mostly in red. I was hoping to see Hyde move his hip, too bad he didn’t. Alone En La Vida came afterward and the wide screen behind their back changed into afternoon sky. The third song was Sunadokei. There were 2 fairies flying in the back screen. I love Hyde’s powerful voice in this song. And then we can hear a piano intro of Umibe. There was a mermaid floating around them. The fifth song was My Heart Draws a Dream, it was started with a guitar intro. And then the stage become so full of white light, unlike other songs before this one which tend to give a sense of darkness. I finally able to take clear snapshot of their faces.

Ken talks about many things after those series of KISS’ songs, about supotsu, kuruma and Yuki…and that was the mark to start playing Drink It Down. They played such a great light throughout the song. The next song was still made by Yuki-nichan, Revelation. Hyde stood on the front speaker (I don’t really know for sure what it was called) and stretched his hand in front of him toward the audience. The drum sound and the thunder and lighting in the back screen gave great energy. There were big hands and feet came out of the side stage. The light, the audience and the shouting create amazing atmosphere…God I love the hype in this song…it was amazing!! I wish I was there shouting and jumping with them.

I finally got the chance to see Hyde shake his hip in Pretty Girl and then he kissed tetsu…in the cheek, thx God!! This happy song was followed by another happy song, Link. And then they took another break and I had to change the disc.

They started the second disc with Punk En Ciel. As usual, Tetchan became the singer, Hyde in guitar, Yuki in bass and Ken in drum. They played Natsu no Yuutsu and I Wish. I gotta say that Hyde and Yuki were the coolest PeC, they changed into someone different. They really enjoy they part as bassist and guitarist.


After another break, they came out with completely different clothes. Hyde’s cloth was a bit girly but it’s Hyde!! So it’s completely Okay! Fate and its usual lighting came first. And Ready Steady Go came afterward, the bunny and Alice (in wonderland) came shooting balls to the audience. Btw, Alice was not a girls…it was a man…a bit weird for me. Another great song came after that, Shout At The Devil was played with a face of a devilish man on the background. And then curtain closed down on them.

Then come the song that I love so much, this song almost brought tears to my eyes the first time I heard it and the tears really came out when I saw it live. Yuki No Ashiato had all the right melody to melt my heart. The stage, the music, and Hyde’s voice touched me so deeply…God knows how I love this song. For me, it was the best performance throughout the show. Then the closed the concert with Hurry Xmas. The smoking snowman was cute xp.

Great show…I really really really Love this band, every time I watch their performance my love grows bigger. The next concert had to wait for about 3 years due to their break.

There were some extra in the second disc. The Black Rose and full Seppun was put in the extra. There were also 4 commercials of Hug-Hug Shieru, their backstage activities and stage screen.

Individual Picture. (click the picture to enlarge it)


  1. Btw I didn’t read your review, nor did I saw the pics (uhuhuw… this was hard) because I want to watch it with my own eyes and I don’t want spoilers! XD

    I’ll come over to your house the day before JLPT XD

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