GLoCALL 2008 – Nov 8

GLoCALL stands for Globalization and Localization Computer Assisted Language Learning. It was a workshop held by HL. It was quite an expensive workshop, more than 600 thousand Rupiah, but it was fully understandable due to the fact that there were so many professional foreign speakers from around the world. They are professors from many universities in Japan, Aussie, Thailand, China and many more. The workshop emphasizes in increasing the use of computer and internet in teaching method.

It was actually started on Friday, November 7, but I didn’t there’s nothing to tell. From the schedule, there were 2 plenary sessions on Friday. Introduction to CALL by Jeong-Bae Son and CALL Practice by Phillip Hubbarb.

On Saturday, November 8, the workshop started at 9 AM. Although the workshop started on Friday but the official opening ceremony took place on Saturday. It was quite a boring ceremony for me. 1st there was Bali Dance then a speech by a woman whom I paid no attention at all. After that Mr.Margani (from Diknas) had a thing or two to said, and again I didn’t pay attention. He hit the gong and the workshop began. The last was by Mr. Indra Charismiadji, he talked about HL…so I didn’t pay attention..again!!

There were 6 rooms available for 6 different concurrent sessions at the same time. And there were 6 concurrent sessions within 1 day. Unfortunately each concurrent session lasted only for 35 minutes, I find that time insufficient.

For the 1st concurrent session, I chose room 1. The title was Does Blended Learning Really Work? Pros and Contras of Using MOODLE as an Education Tool by Nozawa Kazunori. He is a professor in Ritsumeikan University and Kyoto University. His class talked more about blended learning which is a combination of multiple approaches to learning, such as technology-based material, face to face sessions and autonomous learning. Too bad he didn’t emphasize more into the pros and contras of blended learning…time was the problem there. Nozawa-san is a very fun and comical person, his class is very interesting. During the lunch break, I was so fortunate to meet him again. I asked about ways to get a scholarship to Japan but ended up talking about many things. He made me flattered when he said I have good English and how amazed he was when I said I never went abroad nor taken any English course.

The 2nd Concurrent session was also fun. It was by Steven Tripp, he is an expatriate in Japan university (unfortunately I forgot the university). He talked about a Semantic Syllabus for Computer Science Based Upon Corpus Data. Mr. Tripp is a fun and energetic person, he explained his research with high spirit. He said that the most important thing in teaching English is to teach more about verbs because verbs have many meaning and control the whole sentence. Teachers usually teach about noun (e.g.: this is dog, this is a table, etc). I couldn’t agree more with him, it is true that the most difficult and yet important part in learning foreign language is verbs. He explained everything so simple and direct.

The 3rd Concurrent Session was by Yamaguchi Mari. It was a class about Teaching with Web-Based Tools and Materials. She is a nice person but she was a bit tense and nervous throughout her class. I like her but I found her class a bit boring.

The 4th Concurrent Session was Interactive Patterns in a Student-Centered Audio-video Speaking Class in CALL Environment by Lu Zhi Hong. She was a professor in China University (I forgot which one). She talked about a significant change in students after teaching using CALL.

The 5th Concurrent Session is by Jeong-Bae Son. He talked about CALL Coursework, Teaching Practice and Professional Development. Even though he is a Korean, he doesn’t teach in Korean University, he is a professor in some Australia university. In his class, he showed us his research on teacher whom already taken CALL Coursework. Some find it useful and using it in their class whiles other still stick in the old ways.

The 6th and also the last Concurrent Session is by Penelope Countas. We talked early that morning, so I’m looking forward for her class. She introduced her self as Penny, she teaches Indonesian in Senior High School in Australia but she is taking doctorate degree now. She is a really fun and easy going girl. Her class talked about Blogging For Learning, Teaching and Researching Language. She started her class by asking us to write on a piece of paper and acted as if it was a blog page. They way she made us active was so fun…no wonder she chooses teaching in junior high. She explained that blog can also be a media to learn English, we can ask students to make blog or made them read blog. Commenting is a fun activity to make them active in writing.

The whole day has been a great and enriching experience for me. I’m eager to come again tomorrow even though for only few hours.

Say something so I know you have read my post, THANK YOU for reading :)

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