Olympic Spirit 5 : Basketball is the best

Wed, August 20


Once again, I was so busy and didn’t get a chance of seeing Olympic…I hate it!


Thu, August 21


Another busy day…I hate being busy on this special weeks.


Fri, August 22


4 days in a row now!! I missed a lot of game, has Basketball men final played yet??


Sat, August 23


Thx God I was free on Saturday afternoon, I used my day time to watch every single game they aired.


The 1st game I watched was Soccer, it was Final. I’m not into Soccer, so I watched it without any real intention of watching it. Argentina against Nigeria and won by Argentina with 1-0. I loved watching their winning moment.


The next competition I watched was one of my favorite sports, Synchronize Swimming. Russia who always been the best in this era was totally beautiful, their routine was both difficult and beautiful…I couldn’t take my eyes of the screen. It was no surprise at all when the judges award then with 50 points for technical merit, which mean they got perfect 10 from all 5 judges…incredible isn’t it? And they also got 49,5 for their artistic move. Spain who was also great ended up in second place…they’ve shown nice routine but still no match for Russian Federation.


And then, there was Taekwondo. The one that impressed me the most was Rabo, a girl from Egypt. She was wearing Veil…that was the 1st time I have ever seen athlete with veil. Rabo won the match over Malaysia. There were some semifinal matches, but I couldn’t remember them all.


And then came volley for women, it was a Bronze Medal match between China and Cuba. China defeated Cuba in a great tight game. Too bad TVRI didn’t air the gold medal match.


Boxing was the last game they aired. The 1st game was for 51kg, Thailand won by 8 points. The next game was for 57kg, Lomachenko from Ukraine was incredible, he beat his opponent like a sand sack, and he won the match by a TKO. And that match wrapped the day.


Sun, August 24


I was so glad I didn’t have anything to do except enjoying the Olympic game on its last day. So many final happened on this precious day.


The 1st game of the day was Volleyball, it was a Bronze Medal match between Russia and Italy. Russia had the game on their pocket, they won 3 straight set. Not long after that, I got a chance to watch The Gold Medal Match between USA and Brazil. Brazil was the defending champion. The match was incredible, I enjoyed every minute of it. The rally they made was so entertaining, the kind of entertainment that made me never get tired of watching sport competition. At 1st, Brazil was over the top, they won the 1st set, but USA came back undefeated for 3 straight set.


After that thrilling game, came a beautiful competition, it was a gymnastic team (I’m not sure how to call it). There were 2 performances from each country. Russia top them both and becoming the gold medalist. 2nd was China and Belarus got bronze. Too bad TVRI didn’t air both of Russian performance…I’m sure those were great performances.


There were so many Boxing matches, I couldn’t keep up with them all. All I can remember was a Russian boxer who won gold medal for 2 consecutive matches and it was said that it was the 2nd in history. And another history happened when Sarbekbayev from Kazakhstan defeated the last Cuban boxer. This defeat made Cuba unable to gain any gold from boxing whereas they always won at least 1 gold medals, it was kinda embarrassing for Cuba.


There were 3 Basketball games on this last day. Women Final between USA and Australia, won by USA with 92-65. And then Men’s Bronze medal match between Argentina and Lithuania. Argentina was the previous gold medalist. TVRI only aired the last quarter, it was pretty good but nothing compare to the gold medal match. Argentina won by 87-75. And they looked overwhelmed, they might not got the gold medal but they seemed happy enough with bronze


The last game I saw was my favorite game of all, Basketball Men Final between USA and Spain. Only 1 word can describe this game SUPERB!! The game was aired on the 2nd quarter, USA was leading with 69-61. There were some interesting combination happened in this quarter, Paul’s assist to Kobe and Wade to James were very entertaining. There were 2 Gasols in Spain, Pau and his little brother (who is not little at all in body size) Marc. But the most interesting player for me was Ricky rubia, a 17 year old boy who had played in pro since 14 years old…and he is damn cute. On the 3rd quarter, even though USA was still leading the game but Spain was keeping up with an incredible pace, they even made it to 4 points game (73-77). There was a great hustle happening in this quarter, many bodies lying on the floor, and ended up with Kobe making a foul and yet the referee didn’t find it as foul (what a lame decision). Navaro who was on his best made a great assist to Pau Gasol. The 3rd quarter ended up with 91-82, still in USA favor. On the last quarter, the game was on the peak of everything. Rudy Fernandez who had been great throughout the game made a pass to Pau Gasol and tight the game to 5 points game and Fernandez shoot another 3 points shot and made it became 2 points game. Rudy was incredible, and I’ve just found out that he is going to play in Portland Trailblazers next season…go Rudy!! But before the game was over, Rudy got fouled out…too bad. In the end USA won by 10 points; 117-107. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the game, it was brilliant and thrilling…the best match of all matches in Olympic happened on the last day.


Ricky Rubio


    • As a soccer referre of course you have to love soccer 😉

      Thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately I find soccer as a boring sport with cute players…sometimes I watched it just to see those cute players

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