Olympic Spirit 4

Sun, August 17

I was quite busy on August 17 due to our Independence Day, but I managed to see Badminton Double Mixed, there were 2 Indonesian teams. The 1st match was competing for bronze, it was between Flandy Limpele and Vita Marrisa against China…too bad they lost, so we didn’t have this important bronze. The game was superb, a very tight game. Though they lost, I still appreciate their effort. The 2nd match was between Nova Widianto and Liliyana Natsir against Korea…and once again, we lost!! It was such shame, they are the number one team in the world and Korea was on tenth, but I still appreciate the silver they’ve given to our country. It was a sad day.

Mon, August 18

August 18 was a holiday, so I got a chance to see almost every sport they aired. These were some games that cached my attention: Triathlon for women which consist of swimming, cycling and running, watching it made me tired. In the end, an Australian girl won this tiring sport. In Gymnastic apparatus women, China got the gold medal…but I was a bit confused, USA got the same score but she was placed in rank 2…where did that decision came from? I also enjoyed Table Tennis for men team, it was a final game between China and Germany…too bad TVRI didn’t finish airing it, but I think China’ll win. And then was Tennis men final which I don’t really pay attention…I have never been a sucker for tennis.

Tue, August 19

I was so busy on August 19 and it made me unable to watch any Olympic games.


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