The World I Know

I was laying on my bed and listening to some songs from my MP3 Player, you know…doing nothing important. And then I heard this song, The World I Know by Collective Soul (but at that time I was listening to David Cook’s version)…somehow the title caught all of my attention and thinking “what a cool title for an article”. Then I gathered all my memories, trying to find the right story for that title, and I found the perfect one J. When I think back on all my articles, I realized that there was an article that can be related to a song title. So from now on…I’m gonna write a piece of my mind using a song title.


The world I know is full of ignorant people. As we all know, we are now near the end of the world because of Global Warming. Many people take this matter very lightly as if it is only a fairy tale told by children. I’ve been reducing plastic garbage this past few months…and do you know what people said about that!! They said “you’re so stingy, plastic are cheap!!” But what do they know?? It’s not a matter of saving money, it’s about saving our earth. There is a phrase saying ‘start from yourself before telling other people what to do’…but the fact is, only 1% of all human in this world that really care about earth…the rest are so freakin’ ignorant.


The world I know is full of Corrupt Politicians who can speak nothing but bullshit. Those politician are so hungry with power, they gave us so many bullshit promise that ended up in the gutter. So few of these politicians really think about small people. (Corrupt, you’ll corrupt, bring corruption to all that you touch. Risk, you’ll risk all their lifes and their souls Burn, you’ll be burn in hell – Take a Bow by MUSE)


The world I know is sometimes not fair. What we wanted throughout our whole life is not always landed on our lap…some people have all the luck while other never see the light of their struggle. A woman who wanted a child so bad never once held a child in her arms while other keeps on throwing their babies as if they were garbage. A person who steal someone’s wallet often killed by the mass but those who corrupt millions of rupiah only got max 10 years sentence. Some people wanted an education more than anything, but never received it while those who able to have it, choose to waste their time…in my case, I tried so hard to get a scholarship and yet those who don’t really want to study got the opportunity.


The world I know is beautiful to optimistic people. Our lives is like a wheel that keeps on rolling, sometimes we were on top of everyone but sometimes we were in the lowest part of our lives and everything seems go down to hell. But if we can see the bright side of every bad things that befall us, world id nothing but a fun playground.


So far…those are the world I know.


  1. Is it me the person who dont really want to study but got the opportunity? Hehehe. You right, get a scholarship is not my goal but living abroad is what I dreamt. I think God works in a mysterious way…

  2. huahaha, one of them is you…but there are also others

    but don’t get the wrong idea…I’m happy for you :), I’m happy for any of my friends that can achieve better things than I am

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