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VH1 Best week Ever

I have just seen this hilarious TV show on David Cook…just like what I’ve done before when I find an interesting interview on my favorite musician I feel like writing it down. It’s not exactly an interview…but it sure was funny. The show is called VH1 Best week Ever. I don’t know who the host is so I’m going to write his name as in ‘Host’. I the show, he was interviewing DC about his hair…but they way they talked wasn’t like boys conversation, it was like girls conversation.

Host : For the past 5 months, you have prove your self as a serious (?), full of passion for his craft and bless with the ability to inspire. Here you are singing Living On The Prayer, what everyone wants to know is what’s going on through your hair during that performance?

DC : Through my hair? Like what kinda product am I using? Or more like a product I’m not using? (clapping his hand to his thigh in a girly kind of way). I call that look Tommy Used To Work On The Docks and I was wearing men’s cement by Ambry Solution (it’s a product so I’m not sure I got the name right)

Host : Ah..I love Ambry Solution…I’m wearing The Wind Master Move right now!

DC : I can tell. Your hair looks great by the way.

Host : Thanks. Yours always does (looking longingly at DC)

DC : (Looking bewildered)

Host : Let’s take a look on another performance. Here you are with ZZ Top, a drift a variable of sea of men hair and yet manage to stand up.

DC : That looks is called Sharp Dress Head. To achieve it, I used Ultramegamen Scape Later (Another product) twice the holding power, three times aflame ability. But it worth the risk (whispering while covering one side of the face…like girls usually do).

Host : I’ll say..You Looks great

DC : I know!

Host : 1 final question. David, I don’t mean to impose but would you…. (Another longingly looks)

DC : Will I style your hair?…I thought you never ask! (Another girly gesture)

Host : yihihii (Clapping in girly kinda way)

Then, DC was doing the host’s hair and both them were chit-chating like girls…talking about past events, about actresses, and the host even said ‘daa’, you know…girl’s way of saying agreement.

DC : And there! (he finished his job). All done! You have been Cookafied.

Host : Wow…you’re the coolest person I’ve ever met (looking at a mirror)

DC : I believe you (looking through the same mirror).

I can’t stop laughing every time I watched that show…it is not the kind of slapstick joke where movement takes all attention of the joke…it is more in words and gesture. The funny thing about this show is simply two boys acting like girls without being a sissy.

If you feel interested, find it in youtube!!.



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2 comments on “VH1 Best week Ever

  1. Nina
    June 10, 2008

    Are they really talking about “real” hair products? Because the names are.. um, weird *lol*

  2. nijiko
    June 12, 2008

    whuahaha I don’t know!! maybe it was all made up!!

    but it really is hilarious

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