American Idol 2008



Now is the perfect time to continue my discussion about American Idol. The last time I wrote about AI was when there were still 6 remaining contestants, Dave (David C), David (David A), Jason, Carly, Syeisha, and Brooke. Previously, I said that Jason was back on my list of favorites…but what happened next was complete disgust over him and that’s I said now is the perfect time to write about AI.


On the 6th week of the competition, something horrible happened. At that time, they were singing songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber, a master of opera. 5 of them were great but the result was shocking. Carly and syeisha received great comments, even from Simon… and I agree with him. Dave and David were also good. Brooke and Jason were in trouble.  When Ryan told that Carly and Syeisha were on bottom 2…WOW, it really surprised me and it became a SHOCK when he mentioned that Carly was the one who was going to leave AI. What the hell?? Obviously Jason was way under Carly!! That moment was Michael all over again. And I started to hate Jason for his pretty face.


On The 7th week was dedicated to Neil Diamond. Each contestant sang 2 songs. And just like previous week, Brooke, Syeisha and the Davids were either good or great while Jason to no one surprise…Sucks!! On the result show, Jason was 1st to be called and his smug face made me want to throw something to his face…he was so sure his pretty face will save him. The Davids who were the best looks tenser than him. Jason Was saved again…I hate him even more, I USED to like him but now I hate him so much. Brooke was out on this week.


On The 8th week, this Top 4 sang 2 songs from Rock n Roll Hall of Fame….hohoho Jason once was again was the worse of all. While others becoming more and more creative, he became more and more below standard. His 1st song was Sucks and the 2nd one was massive brutality over a song…he forgot the lyrics… FOR CRYING OUT LOUD how could a TOP 4 forgot the lyric? I said to my friends (and then one of them called me anarchies) “Jason sucks again!! If he stays another week…would somebody please shot him!! Screw his face or something!” Even Simon said “pack your suitcase”


Fortunately HE’S OUT!! Yeaaaaaa all hail American who didn’t vote him!! I always hate people who won over something simply because he got pretty face…That’s why I never watched Indonesian Idol again. But since he knew he’s going to leave AI, he wasn’t that stressed out…so I feel a bit sorry for him….well at least when his leaving didn’t make me overjoyed like the day Kristi left AI, she was the worst!! The last three were Syeisha, David C and David A. My prediction is The DAVIDS will go to the Final, and from there it’s just a matter of rock fans against pop fans.



This week’s result show invited my 1st favorite idol, Bo Bice. He is the 1st rocker in AI and also the 1st proof of how rock is less liked by American voters…I truly hope David c could change that paradigm. Bo Bice’s 2nd album is more Bo Bice than the 1st one…I need to find that album soon.


Special about David C….

On the 6th week he sang Music of the Night….I know nothing about this song!! For the 1st time since he got on this big stage, he DIDN’T change the arrangement at all…he stayed true to the original version of this song which is so slow. The way he sang it was so beautiful and captivating, he made everyone who was looking to his eyes and hear his voice believed that he was longing for her touch. Randy said “if you can sing then you can sing anything…and that was an amazing performance”, Paula said “It was Fantastic”, and Simon said “you made the most out of this song”.


On the 7th week, He sang I’m Alive and All I Really Need is You, both songs are not well known songs. Neil Diamond said that Dave gave him Goosebumps. The 1st song, I’m Alive was a fun song, I fell in love with the song instantly…and up to today I still listen to this song more than 5 times a day…I really like this kinda song. But this 1st performance wasn’t as good as the 2nd one, All I Really Need is You. While the 1st song was so much fun, the 2nd song was more challenging. Dave sang it while playing acoustic guitar, it started slow and then became more powerful and he ended it like how he started it. Randy said “I’m a huge David Cook fans right now”, Paula said “I feel like I’m already watch the American Idol”, and Simon said “The 1st song was OK, I thought the 2nd song was brilliant. You actually made the fell that that song was made this year”.


On the 8th week, he sang another 2 songs from Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. He chose Hungry Like the Wolf from Duran Duran. I wasn’t really fond of this song and Dave didn’t make it any better. I still don’t like it. The way he sang it was so much alike with Simon LeBon. The judges didn’t like it either. Too bad he record his song instead of the 2nd song. The 2nd song was Baba O’Reily by The Who. He nailed it!! David Cook’s Style!! For me it wasn’t as good as previous week but it was way better than the 1st song. Randy said “That’s more like the David Cook I grow to love”, Paula said “I just want more and more David Cook, I’m really humble to see you and watch your soul”, and Simon said “welcome back David Cook” (he didn’t praise him on the 1st song).



Next time will be about the last remaining three up to the finale.

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