Mari qt mulai membahas IPA 4…kelas ni paling ga bisa didefinisikan…banyak anak2 biang ribut tapi ributnya kelas ini ga separah IPA 3, malah kadang lebih hening drpd kelas IPA 1. Di bilang kompak juga ga, sering kena hukuman juga ga…kelas ini aga hilang dr radar kalo menurut gw. Tapi ada yang jadi ciri khas kelas ini. This class has the most number of well English speaking students compare to other classes. They are not only consisting of those who can actually speak well with right grammar but also of those who are confident to speak in spite of their rude grammar. Doing speaking test in this class was so easy and fast. And that’s why I called this class as Kelas TerEnglish.

But do not be deceived by the name that I have given them…their ability did not guarantee this class to be the best. They are good but they are not active. During the presentation of Science Project/Paper, the intensity of questions was not as interactive as IPA 3 n 5, they seemed to be a bit unwillingly to ask…the good thing is they weren’t as dull as IPA 1 during this presentation. This class is similar with last year’s XII IPA 4…maybe the room gives that kind aura.

Even though I do not speak English every time I speak with these students, but I feel like writing in English for this class. Let’s start with Wulan, in English, she is the smartest of them all. She held the record for the highest TOEFL score for the last 3 years (fortunately not higher than me…fiuuh). She has flawless pronunciation, this ability lead her to win several story telling competition.Both of us share the same interest in American Idol…she is the reason I bought 3 (simcard) coz it’s so expensive to send sms to simpati using XL and we send more than 10sms every time we talk about AI. And it seems that she has the same taste of guy as I am…a young girl who love old man…ck ck ck. She speaks fluently, sometimes Dodop acted as if he is using a remote control to click the subtitle button every time she talks. 1 thing that not many people know is that she has a funny and exaggerating mother, it’s a bit scary coz somehow I see my self in her. Like Nadhila, we always talk using English no matter how simple our talk is. She does not look like a high school student and it’s hard to imagine her as college student. Next is the leader of this class, Aldi…him and Nadim IPA 3 are two boys that can make me unable to stop laughing. Both have different way of joking. I remember clearly how Aldi (at 11th grade) made me and Nadhila laughing all the time, it wasn’t a problem for me but it made Nadh couldn’t finish her task on time. He made funny comments during class drama. Some said that Aldi made weird jokes but for me they aren’t weird, they are quite hilarious. Aldi can speaks fluently, even more fluent than Akbar who has spent 7 years at EF (Aldi called him ‘what a waste’…hehe that’s a bit cruel but true). Who would have thought that Aldi is a romantic boy!! He made a romantic surprise for Aya’s Birthday by making big poster saying happy birthday and we love you Aya….aaa so sweet.

Akbar…hmm…he is one of the youngest 12th grader coz he came from acceleration class. Sometimes I can see clearly how childish he is. His arguments during debate class were quite shocking. He loves acting as if he is gay…thanks God he has a girl friend now… (Is it still? I rarely saw them together again so I’m not sure they are still dating or not). Embi used to be the one he loves to grab, and that’s why I kept on asking Embi when will he has a girlfriend. Dodop, the tallest of them all, has a bit goofy face but kinda cute in its own way. He is an only child of a handsome father…hehehe we teachers sometimes called his father duren, but he isn’t duren anymore now. What I admire about Dodop is that he is raised by his father, without a mother for quite a long time and it doesn’t make him astray, he is smart, nice and polite. He is very good in English. He used to be Nadim’s soul mate (they were quite a couple…very tall and very short), but I rarely saw them together again and now it seems that Tiar is his soul mate. Tiar is as tall as Dodop, only few centimeters apart. He is neither a quiet boy nor noisy boy…he has a mature face but his attitude sometimes show immatureness. He is a smart boy, but not too good in English. Airlangga, Ais, n Yoga…they are rarely to be seen without the company of the others. This trio spent a year in 11th grade and another year in 12th grade. All of them moved to this school in 2nd semester of 10th grade and 1st semester of 11th grade. Angga is a chubby boy, but he is beautiful…to be honest he is more beautiful than his sister, sometime I wonder do they really related.This sister of angga is Ais’ girlfriend…kinda weird isn’t it? Dating your best friend’s sister, if something happens to them it will affect their friendship for sure. When Yoga came to this school he wasn’t as fat as now…I don’t know why he got bloated out like that. This trio is quite lazy!! When I put them in one group, they always fall behind other groups. Among these three, Ais is the best in English.

Then we have, trio Muhammad (it is supposed to be quartet but I’ve already write about Aldi). M.Nabil is a shy and quiet boy…I don’t really know him, all I know is that he needs a little pushing up to speak but he is a nice boy. M.Ridho has a unique face, it’s kinda hard to describe, once you see him then you know its uniqueness…and it’s a bit childish kinda face. I have never thought that he will be dating Tiwi!! He has a very good progress in English, I can feel that he is getting better and better each years. M.Silmi, someone told me that he has some problem with his blood and that’s why he is so skinny but I’ve never cross checked it with him. Then there are Trio A, Aris is an interesting boy, I can’t put it into a sentence but 1 thing for sure I like having him in my class and he is eager to do better than what he had achieved before. Aryo…hmm who would have thought that someone think he is so handsome and cute (last year’s 12th grade)? Hehe. What I remember the most about him is during his 11th grade, he had a huge grudge over Ubay IPA 5, but it was only a joke…he would blame Ubay for everything…it was quite hilarious. Arai, his real name is Rifky but he is usually called Arai, I don’t really know why and I’ve just realized that I have never once asked him. He was quite surprised when I started calling him Arai, coz no other teachers call him like that. And there is the noisiest boy of this class, Echa, he is weird on his own way…he sometimes does something people don’t do, I have written about it before. It’s hard for him to keep his mouth shut when he isn’t sleeping. Dipta is the most Islamic boy of this class, he lives far from his parents but fact doesn’t make him astray. He is called remora by someone (I couldn’t mention who). And he last boy is Panji, we used to go to School together but he is always quiet, we didn’t even share small talks…it rarely happened when I share the same bus/angkot with other boys.

Now let’s check out the girls. We begin with Dara, a cute girl with good ability is English. I remember last year 12th grade that had a crush on her. She hates seeing her score descended. PW, she is actually called Wanda but it’s hard to stop calling her PW, the name was given at 11th grade when she shared the same class with PF (both have the same first name). PW is an active fun girl, I hardly see her looking all gloomy, and she is always laughing or smiling. Her speaking ability is better than writing. Just like PW, Mayang is also an energetic fun girl. She is a lively girl that easily likens by anyone, so cute and so like a child rather than a teenager. She looks like that girl who plays in Mentari but with a more happier face. She was very active in Osis and she moves a lot. Her English is based more on her confident than ability, but I like that. Another lively girl is Duan, this class is full of lively girls, and she is more like a boy instead of a girl (in term of behavior not face)…and that says it all about her :). Puti and Lavi do not look alike but for no reason at all it took 2 years for me to be able to separate them. Puti is livelier than Lavi, she smiles a lot and Lavi is calmer than her. And there is duo Reti, Reti is shorter than Retty, Reti isn’t as well-known as Retty. Retty loves to show her left side every time someone (or herself) takes her picture, I remember all her pictures in her mobile phone always show her left aide. Reti is not as narcissus as Retty, she is more low profile. Cendhy and Rahma, hehehe I would like to give them the award for most hysterical girl of this class…every time we watch something scary (or thriller), they would scream or hide their face, it’s a bit lebai but I enjoy watching them xp. It suite Cendhy coz she is so girly but it’s so not suite Rahma coz she is a bit boyish. Niza has strong friendship with Wulan, I think it was created during their 11th grade. She is a good planner…thanks for the unforgettable moment in that beautiful villa :). If I’m not mistaken…Eka is the smartest in this class, a very calm girl and the perfect image of Rohis Girl. Cute chubby Popo is so easy to fall for one of her classmate…a boy of course!! I still remember how she talked about the boy she adored. Natal…hmm I see Natal as a person who enjoy being alone, she has friends but it seems that being all alone isn’t so bad for her. She is not an easy person to guess. She is very good in speaking but always makes some minor error in writing. Omen, her real name is Rochmana, a lively girl but a bit lazy…she used to date Jamil IPA 1 (It’s hard to imagine them together) but she is with Rifki IPS 2 now, and it’s been going on for about a year. Rina is the only girl in this class I have never talk to…she is so quiet, it makes me difficult to talk to her. The hair of Vilma…hehehe I think what people going to remember the most about Vilma is her hair, her conspicuous bushy brown hair. She was scared by some 11th grade girls because they said she is a conceit senior…to be honest, she does has that kinda face but once you get to know her, she is not like that. She loves wearing tight outfit and member of girl’s basketball team, she likes Spurs…Team that I and Doyok IPS 2 hate the most. Samit does not look like 12th grader, she has childish face and sometimes her behavior seems to support her face. Selvi, Putri, Lita, Farah and Endina…so sorry I can not tell anything about them except the fact that they hardly make noise in this class.

Well…that’s all I can write about BRIGADE. Plenty of lively students but manage to keep them self not too noisy.

18 thoughts on “XII IPA 4

  1. It’s flattering to know that my class received the award for ‘kelas terEnglish’, hahaha,,,
    But Heeeey….what do you mean ‘you can not imagine me as a college student’ ??

    Anyway, it’s so nice to know that there’s a teacher that cares about her students so much.

    Aaaw…i’m gonna miss u when I graduate and go to UI.


  2. btw, Niza and I have been friends since junior high school, miss. We both went to Alpen.

    *Yeah, it’s kinda surprising, isnt it? Me, Alpen? NO WAY!*

  3. wow! That’s a quick reply, hehehe…

    Oiya Ms! Kan Pak Wimbo bentar lagi mau pensiun! Klo emang mau tetep di 28, knapa enggak apply sbagai guru b.ing yg baru aja??

    Novroz no Henji
    jelas aja quick!! lagi Online sih

    ogah ah!! ga mau jadi guru ba-ing yang theory…ga apal jenis2 tenses sih

  4. sumpah, bener banget tuh!! Aku juga klo disuruh ngejelasin secara teori ttg grammar2 gitu malah bingung! Enakkan langsung dibawa praktek drpada tralu mikirin teorinya.

    True? Truueeee…..
    *dibacanya pake nada indonesia yg kyk: ‘betul? betuuul…’*

    Novroz no Henji
    hahaha….harusnya jadi trueeee dibaca teruuuuu xp

    dari dulu kalo teori pasti pake filing, mana yang berasa pas.

    Lan alamat mailnya di add ke YM ya…supaya bisa YMan kalo lagi kebetulan OL brg

  5. haha, miss, kelas saya nih, bakal kangen deh 😦 -> emoticon IMUT

    Novroz no Henji
    ga cuma kalian yang bakal kangen, daku juga nih T.T

  6. wul, how could there be ‘no way’ that you came from alpen? hahaha
    btw it’s kinda true I can’t imagine you being a college student either..
    but wait, I’d prefer imagining tika being a college student..lol swear I can’t imagine at all
    cie cieeee wulan, best english! wakakakaka

    right, then you’d better apply for chem teacher. then I’d ask your help for my homeworks and stuffs, nyahahaha

    Novroz no henji
    I have already applied for chem teacher for international class but still hasn’t got a clue whether I got accepted or not

  7. “…omen, she used to date jamil ipa 1 (it’s hard to imagine them together)…”

    Haha, yg satu smp kaya saya aj susah, apalagi miss??

    Novroz no Henji
    wah gimana tuh mereka pacarannya?? hahaha penasarn

  8. bagus lah miss novi masih bilang muka saya ga kayak cowok. soalnya saya udah bosen dibilang ganteng huhuhu.. saya baca ampe mesem2 sendiri miss.. nice!!

    i’m gonna miss you so much miss NOVI!!!

  9. baguslah ndu!
    btw gmn kabar bokap lo? udh membaik? smg diberi kesembuhan oleh Allah ya.. amin..
    bokap lo pasti bangga punya anak yg jujur kyk lo 😉

    *wahh jd numpang ngobrol miss, hehe

  10. HAH??? Gosh, where have I been??

    Kok gue baru tau y, klo IPA 4 bnyk yg dpt bocorannya???

    Masa’ sih???

    But even if it were true, i think i know who those were..

  11. wah, hebat juga nih klas XII Ipa 4…. topppp d. Saya dulu juga klas III ipa 4 (jaman masih tahun “kuda” he he tahun 1985), dan kebetulan jadi ketua kelasnya. Banyak kenangan indah dan juga sedih. Tapi jamannya saya, IPA 4 gha kalah ama IPA 1, jadi kita tooppppp abizzzz juga (baik dalam prestasi akademik or non akademik). Yahhh berkat klas III Ipa 4 saya juga bisa tembus IPB. Salam buat semua “penghuni” XII ipa 4. Perjuangan kalian masih panjang !!!!!

    Novroz no henji
    wuih wasis dah sepuh ya!!! hehehe maaf. thx

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