American Idol 2008

This year’s American Idol, for me, is considered as the best season of all. All the contestants have their own style and uniqueness. I enjoy watching them all…well except for that silly country girl. This kinda excitement was last felt on 2005, where Bo Bice became the runner up, he stole my ear and my heart with his voice and his southern rock style. None stole my heart on 2006, I like Daugherty but he did not steal my attention. And on 2007, Blake Lewis got my attention with his beatbox style but he still did not steal my heart. And this year…4 contestants have given my ear all the joy it deserve.


There are 12 contestants, as always, and my favorites are David Cook, Michael Johns, Carly Smithson and Amanda. But first let’s talk about the other contestant. David Hernandez was the first that got kicked out…it was supposed to be Kristi, she is the worst of all at that time…she ruined Beatles’ song. And then a disaster happened!! Kristy was once more is the worst of all but Amanda was the one that got kick out…it was UNFAIR!! And that was the beginning of hatred. And then Chikezie, it was quite fun to watch him sing. Ramielle has beautiful voice but it wasn’t kicking, this Philippine’s girl got kick out after Chikezie. The second disaster of this season happened last week…I was so sure he was save and I was more worried bout David…but out of everyone’s prediction Michael Johns had to left the competition…it was such a heart breaking. Simon gave a standing ovation and Paula hugged him as comfort. And this week is the most glorious week of all…Kristy Lee Cook…I used to call her Sanjaya The Sequel coz she is so like Sanjaya, not so good but so lucky….finally got kick out, it was supposed to be happening at first week. Now the competition is getting better.


This week’s result was deceiving…Ryan was such as ass…David Cook was definitely save but Ryan put Kristi along side him…and I was so disappointed that she’ll be save again whereas she was the worst (once again) of all. But then Ryan swapped Dave with Syeisha…and voila Kristy was on the bottom 3 and hails all voters that didn’t choose her… SHE’S OUT!!!! I really love that moment.


The remaining girls are Brooke…I kinda like her coz she has her own style of singing, her voice is not as powerful as Syeisha and Carly but it is nice to hear. Syeisha wasn’t that good at first but she is getting better and better each week. Like most black female, she has powerful voice. Carly…well she has been my favorite since 2005 (or 2006…I forgot which year), she has the most beautiful voice of all girls contestant but too bad she keeps on choosing the wrong songs and she hasn’t showed that thing that can make people blown away…but nonetheless she is my favorite girl.


The remaining boys are David Archuletta, a 17 years old boy with astonishing voice. He has this voice that can easily be identified as his. I like him but not too much coz his way of singing is not to my liking. And then Jason Castro…beautiful boy with sweet voice, he used to be my favorite boy apart of Michael but David Cook stole his presence, but since he sang Somewhere over the rainbow, he’s back on my list.


Above all contestants, David Cook is by far my favorite one…Michael used to be my most favorite one, but David came and steal that position and not only that…David Cook is my favorite of all American Idol contestants for the last 7 years alongside Bo Bice. He is the most creative of them all. The first performance that taken all my attention was Hello, he changed that song and make it has rock aura…it was awesome. Lionel Richie likes it too. Simon saidthat was a very brave thing to do and I LOVED IT”. After that he keeps on making great performances with amazing changes in his song. Eleanor Rigby was his next great performance, he changed it again based on two different bands’ version. It was so powerful…I loved it and Simon saidI though it was brilliant…if this show remain a talent competition rather that popularity competition you actually can win this entire show”…wow that was something if Simon was the one who said it. Next came Day Tripper, but it was based on White Snake version, I like it even though Simon didn’t like it, but Randy said “It’s not your best performance but it’s another solid performance”, he put more rock into that song. I really love The Beatles and seldom have I like what people do to change their song, but I love both David’s Beatles’ songs. At 3rd week…he was back on action…his best performance so far for me. Billie Jean based on Chris Cornell’s version was totally freakin’ awesome!!! Up till this week, I have seen no one can surpass that performance. He made that song sounds better than the original one. Randy said “dude, you might be the one who win the whole lot”, Paula said “I am Blown Away” (me too) and Simon said “That was brave…it could have either been insane or amazing, but it was AMAZING!!”…Nina said “it was INSANELY AMAZING”…I couldn’t agree more. Next was Little Sparrow, I have never heard it before so there’s no comparison there…but I love this song, one of my favorite. He used falsetto for this song and the country sound of this song was disappeared somewhere. And once again, all the judges praised him. And then he sang Innocent, this was his lamest performance. I don’t really like it. It has wide range of voice but it wasn’t him and I was so afraid he’ll got kicked out because of this…but thanks God he was save. This week was a wonder, when Wulan told me the theme was Mariah Carey…the first thing that came into my mind was…how does David going to change her songs?? And once again, he pulled it out….he pulled it out great!!! Always Be My Baby became so fit for him and lost the girly aura of that song. And to no surprise…judges loved it.


Each week, he made me love him even more…he creates a sense of curiosity…he makes me wondering of his next move. I am 100 percent sure that if he doesn’t win this competition, it won’t be a problem at all…He’ll get a record deal anyway.


Now let’s talk about the fallen heroes. Amanda was so Janis Joplin!! And that’s why I like her…she has this unique female rocker sound that I haven’t heard for such a long time. Michael Johns…WOW…great voice, great body and totally handsome face. His voice is not like Freddie Mercury but each time he sang Queen’s songs, it felt so right and so him. Two of his best performances were Bohemian Rhapsody and We Are The Champion. It is such a lost to let him go as the top 8, he could have gone higher than that. I really really miss him. Josiah Lemming didn’t even pass Hollywood week but his brief presence was enough to make me notice him. He has this British style each time he delivered his song. His Grace Kelly was awesome…it would have been interesting if he got through Hollywood Week.


And that’s all for now!! I’ll write more bout this competition…especially bout David Cook (^_^)v

3 thoughts on “American Idol 2008

  1. Hey! I spotted David Cook first, he’s MINE!! You go back to Michael! Hehehe… Well, David deserves all the attention he can get. He’s very talented. I really like his voice and all the creative things he does.

  2. hehehe mike is gone now…so I’m sticking with dave.

    yeah his creativity is awesome.

    I was kinda hoping that mike, dave and carly are on top 3…but my hope lies only on dave now

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