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The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

The Kite Runner was made by Khaled Hosseini. He has Afghanistan blood, but he was raised in USA. This book was unlike most books I like to read, it wasn’t intense at all, but it touched my heart deeply.

Amir was a 12 years old boy who lived in Kabul. His father was a great man, he called him Baba. They have a servant named Ali and his son Hassan who was a year younger than Amir. Amir and Hassan spent a lot of their time together. Although Hassan was only a maid, Baba treated him as equal as Amir. Amir felt jealous and uneasy each time Baba treated Hassan as same as he is. Hassan was an incredible boy. He was so loyal to Amir, he was brave and polite. He was the best kite runner in Kabul. Hassan’s mother ran away after she gave birth to Hassan.

In Afghanistan, they usually held kite tournament every winter. There would be a lot of kids with their kite and they would try to beat the other kid by cutting off their kite. There were two prides from this tournament. The winner, the last standing kite, and the one who catches the last kite that felt down from the tournament.

The tournament at 1975 marked the end of Amir and Hassan’s friendship. Amir won the tournament and Hassan chased the last kite, but Amir betrayed Hassan. He saw Hassan being raped by Assef but he didn’t do anything. He was too afraid to confront Assef. This incident made Amir felt so guilty and it made him unable to sleep tight again. Seeing Hassan was too hard for him and he decided that the solution for this problem was to get rid of Hassan. He framed Hassan. Even though Baba forgave Hassan, Ali decided to leave them. It really broke Baba’s heart.

Six years after that, Amir and his father left Kabul because Soviet invasion was too hard to handle. They went to US.  They did a lot of hard labors, Baba managed to send Amir to High school and then to college. Amir married an Afghan woman named Soraya. Baba died not long after that. Amir and Soraya were unable to have a child. At this moment, the book became a bit boring.

Things became interesting 15 years later, when Amir knew the truth about Baba and Hassan from Rahim Khan, Baba’s dying friend. This part was the key of Amir’s salvation. What he has to do to set him off his burden. He put his life in danger and he found the bittersweet of his past. He found love in a little boy that will changed his life forever. This boy’s existence changed Amir’s belief over God, he always questioned the existence of God till he met the boy. He became a believer, a true Moslem because of that boy.

What I’ve wrote was merely the outline of the story. It wasn’t that simple if you really read the book. It contains the culture of Afghanistan, how the value pride and honor. It shows how cruel Taliban was. And most important is the struggle of a young boy who turns to adulthood bearing the pain of treachery. How he tries to overcome his past mistake. How a child who was left alone in the middle of chaos finds it hard to belief someone.

At the same time, it also shows the false belief of Taliban. This is what I’m a bit afraid of. When people read this book, they might think that Taliban represent what Islam is. But the fact is that Taliban DO NOT REPRESENT ISLAM AT ALL. They turned Islam into a stern and rough religion. They made women locked up inside their homes without proper education whereas the Prophet himself said that we have to find knowledge even though we have to go far away for it. Taliban punished men without beard, it was supposed to be sunnah, it isn’t a must. They made Islam as a cruel religion whereas Islam teaches peace. I am a Moslem and I hate those Taliban even before I read the book. They made people believe that Islam is a war loving religion and a very stiff religion. I truly hope that everyone who had read this book won’t think that was Islam is.

Something interesting happened while I was reading this book. I am an emotional girl, I can cry over a novel when it was so touchy. And it happened when I was reading this book inside an angkot (a kind of public transportation), and then there was a man looking at me with wonder, I felt ashamed so I started to do a diversion my texting my friend. And it happened again on bus, but at that I don’t care about people anymore.

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9 comments on “The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

  1. Wulaaaan...
    April 26, 2008


    I cant imagine how that angkot tragedy happened! The man must’ve looked pretty silly, watching you like that! Hahahaha…

    By the way, I’ve been planning to buy the book, but just havent had the time to buy it, with the exams and all.


    • Novroz
      April 28, 2008

      I borrowed it from the library

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  3. iin
    June 11, 2009

    I haven’t found that book in English version yet….whuaaa can’t stand anymore to grab it at imported bookstore

    • Novroz
      June 11, 2009

      you can find it in times and periplus…hahaha berasa iklan

  4. Marie
    September 15, 2009

    I just picked this up last week. everyone tells me I’m going to love it!

    • Novroz
      September 16, 2009

      I quarantee you’ll love it 🙂

  5. tyo riski
    November 7, 2009

    Heyyy i’m backkk!!!
    iya nih miss abis setahun kmaren sibuk!
    heyyy u should read A Thousand Splendid Suns!!! 🙂

    • Novroz
      November 8, 2009

      Welcome back 🙂

      Hahaha no thanks!! I’ve learnt my leason not to read something when I don’t have the feeling I want to read it.

      Recent example is 5 people you meet in heaven…I don’t have the chemistry since the beginning but I tried anyway….and voila it took months to finish it and I dnt feel anything special about that book

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