Drama : XI IPA 2

February, 11, 12

1. Abi’s Group

The 1st group of this class was Abi’s Group, his real name is Drabya, he was the master behind this play, he edited the script and planned the whole scenes. This group consists of Ahmadi, Anita, Arindo, Choiriyah, Hedi, Melly, Qolbie, Prita, and Suryo. They played Narnia, it was made shorten. It was pretty good but some of the players sometimes forget their lines. All set were all prepared.

2. Afina’s Group

The next group was the best in their class. It was consists of Afina, Anang, Astarie, Bayu, Diena, Icha, Langga, Nofi, Rachel, and Obi. The story was a comedy version of Snow White. They didn’t change it drastically; they made it funnier in a good way. Afina was the creative brain of this group. She drew the skeleton image on the apple (and also did many masks for other group from other classes) and she also made snow white’s wig from wool thread. They were very solid and well prepared. They were considered as the 3rd best of all performances. Here’s the video


February, 18, 19

3. Ela’s Group

The 3rd group was consisting of Aina Kemala, Anisa R, Atthahira, Diah, Hendi, Fadhil, Nami, Puteri, sumayyah, and Trianggi. They played a combination of Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White. Too bad one of them saw his script and they were not solid enough.

4. Syarafina’s Group

The last group consists of Mamat, NoorTajudin, Artria, Chitta, Fadilah, Joko, Naufal, Aci, Ratih, and Fina. They played Sleeping Beauty Disney’s version with some alterations. Aci played as the obnoxious Briar Rose. Too bad Syarafina who played as the witch who put a spell on briar rose wasn’t mean enough. But overall they were quite good.




  1. misssss..is that how you think of me?lemot?jangann dong ahhhh…i have waaay better personalities (pede) hehe ntar kalo kuliah mau ganti image aaaaah,hehe

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