Drama : XI IPA 1

Now let’s talk about science class’ drama. There were 2 great performances from this science class. I’m going to start from XI IPA 1

February, 13

1. Suci’s Group

The 1st group from this class was consisting of Andira, Zahe, Dewi, Fakhri, Feni, Melly, Niken, Reza, Willis, and Suci. They played a mix story of Indonesian fairy tales, Timun Mas and Bawang Putih dan Bawang Merah (the tale of Golden Cucumber and the tale of Shallots and Garlic). Golden Cucumber wasn’t chased by Buto ijo like the original story. They got married. One day they were given some seeds that turn into 2 gorgeous girls, they were called Garlic and Shallot. It was well prepared.


2. Ayutika’s Group

The second group was Ayutika’s group which consist of Adi, Icul, Ayutika, Sania, Hadi, Martin, Meylinda, Nuril, Prayudi, Yuli. They played the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty. Too bad they copied their script from the net, so they weren’t really working on it. Fortunately their drama was a good one, too long tho…they didn’t cut the unnecessary scenes. So we had to force them to cut some of the last scenes.


February, 20

3. Irsa’s Group

The 1st group in the second week was consisting of Myra, Ayu, Mail, Diendra, Irsa, Isnan, Nanda, Angger, Rizni, and Fika. They played an altered Cinderella. Isnan was Cinderella…he has the body figure of a woman…kinda makes me envy. There was a genie from Cinderella’s slipper and the genie helped the prince to find Cinderella. In the end, Cinderella’s Fairy Godmothers (there were 2 fairies) were fighting to win genie’s heart.

4. Khonsa’s Group

The last group from this class was Khonsa’s group. They were Manda, Bala, Bening, Febrandy, Khonsa, Markus, Nabila, Nurina, Seno, and Yuri. They played the Disney version of Beauty and The Beast, and once again this class disappoints me by not making the script by them self. They copied it from the net and change a bit of it. But fortunately they did a great drama. Khonsa and Yuri played it really well. The others were also serious about their play.

This is Isnan’s Body

2 thoughts on “Drama : XI IPA 1

  1. Isnan bodinya nampol beneran deh emang miss ga kuku saya hahahaha. anyways icay ichul jantan beneurrrrrrr

    Novroz’ Answer
    Sebel kan liatnya! Masa co punya badan seksi ala ce bgitu! Jd iri.

    Sptnya dunia dah trbalik antara co n ce 😉

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