The Mist (from skeleton Crew)

Stephen King really knows how to make a great story. This is the 1st story taken from his short stories collection called Skeleton Crew. The story used I-centered main character who was telling his story to the world. ‘I’ is a man named David Drayton who had a wife named Stefanie and a son named Billy. They lived in Long Lake, Maine. One day a big storm hit this small town, the storm literally smashed the area. Trees were forcedly pulled from the soil and live wire hissing everywhere. But something else also occurred on the lake near his house…it was a mist, it whitened a part of the lake. There seemed to be no danger coming from it, but its peculiarity made David became unease thinking of it. Hard heartedly he left his wife to go to the market with his son and his neighbor.


Not long after they arrived at the Federal Market, something out of human thoughts happened. The mist surrounded the town. But it wasn’t an ordinary mist, something evil dwelled inside the mist. It swallowed people behind its impenetrable whiteness. At 1st they weren’t sure if the mist was indeed threatening their life until David saw with his own eyes how some tentacles grabbed a boy’s body. The market became tense and it created 2 groups of believers and non believers. The non believers decided to go outside because they thought that everything David had told them about what he saw was nothing but a big lie. Few minutes after they stepped outside the door came a horrify scream that made everyone believed that there really was something inside the mist.


Dan Miller asked David to check the pharmacy near the market and maybe a way to get out of there. The idea came because Miller thought there was something bigger than what they’d already face and the unpleasant feeling toward Mrs.Carmody’s behavior. 7 people went outside to the pharmacy but only 3 able to came back. There was a horrible slaughter inside the pharmacy and the spider like creature also attacked those 7 people. When they returned to the market, the unpleasant feeling toward Mrs.Carmody increased rapidly. David asked Ollie, Amanda, Mrs. Turman, Mrs.Reppler and Mr.Cornell to get the hell out of that place 1st thing in the morning. Mrs.Carmody found out and she and some people on her side blocked their way and she started rambling about human sacrifice to make the mist disappear. She was planning to grab Billy but Ollie shot her down.


The second they got out of the market, terrible things happened to them. Ollie was cut nearly in half after he managed to open all four of David’s car’s doors. Mrs.Turman was also taken away by creature of the mist. Mr.Cornell decided to went inside the market again. David, Billy, Amanda and Mrs.Reppler were the only survivor who finally able to get inside the car. They drove as far as they can, but all they can see was only mist and destruction over their town. The story ended without real conclusion, the story was supposedly written by David himself, that’s why King uses I-centered Character. He wrote it while they were still in inside the mist and not knowing what will happen to them.


I really like this story, thrilling and exciting. Hollywood had made a movie based on this short story…I want to see it but I have to wait until it arrived in my country’s cinema.

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