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Haruki Murakami and The Music of Words

This is a book about Murakami’s journey in becoming a novelist and what lies in every book he had written. It can be considered as biography. The writer of this book is Jay Rubin, a self confessed fan. He had translated some of Murakami’s novels and teaches Japanese literature.

In this book Rubin reveals the autobiographical elements in Murakami’s fictions, and explain how he developed a distinctive new style in Japanese writing. Rubin also mention that some of Japanese writer thought that Murakami’s works are silly…well then let us all be silly with his works. Rubin mention that Murakami was less influenced by Japanese writers, his biggest influence came from American or western writers. The biggest of all was Raymond Carver. He had translated almost all Carver’s works. Murakami’s fictions were always involving music and animal…it seems like he can not let these 2 elements forgotten from his works.

Murakami is a music lover, he likes all kind of music but jazz holds special place in his heart and ear. After he got married, he made a Jazz Club called Peter Cat. It wasn’t a bad club. He started writing his 1st novel at the kitchen table until the sun came up. He had to manage his time between writing and running his club. At 1979 he finished his 1st novel, Kaze no Uta o Kiku (風 の 歌 を 聞く/Hear the wind sing), it was about a young writer. He sent that novel to a competition held by Gunzo Magazine. He won the prize. And then he decided to close the club and became serious in writing. He creates many fiction novels and some non fiction. He has his own style that can capture many hearts…one of them is mine.

Rubin mention that Murakami always use Boku for every central character he made. It is kinda unusual for Japanese, they usually use Watashi. boku is informal compare to Watashi. This boku gives the not too serious felling in the character he made. He also uses many metaphysical animal and music. Rubin explain almost all of Murakami’s works and the relation between them. Some of the novels are related to each other. In tracing Murakami’s career, Rubin uses interviews he conducted with the author between 1993 & 2001, and learns on insights and observations gathered from over ten years of collaborating with Murakami on translation of his works.

I didn’t read this book till the last page because I got bored with it. Honestly it really gives an insight on Murakami’s works but it is much better reading his work directly and finds the magic of his words by ourselves.

Jay Rubin>>


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