I Believe in You

I believe in You is Stipers’ song, some said that the song is about their belief to God…and that’s why I changed the title of this Article from Does God Really Exist? Into I Believe in You (reason can be found here)

These past few months I’ve been visiting Muselive.com; as we all know…well maybe not everyone knows this…Matt, Dom and Chris are atheist and somehow it triggers a question amongst fans ‘Do we believe in God’s existence?’ Hot arguments in form of long posts have been going on in threads such as Christian Musers, Atheist Musers and sometimes in Muslim Musers.

Those who believe there is no such thing as God are so persistent in asking “if there is God, where is the proof??” they keep on saying that God and religion was made by human in order to control human it self…it was the earliest manifestation of human’s law. Human sometimes are afraid of something they can not see instead of things they can see. By making such nonsense like God and It’s punishment, human will behave and do good things or even bad things in the name of their God. Atheist believe its stupid to believe in something we can not see nor touch, the fact that God can not be proven by any kind of science lead to high doubt about God’s existence. All things in this world or even universe were happening by itself and humans control their own life, there is no such thing as destiny which controlled by God. We are on our own!! And if we die…we simply just die…no life after dead, no judgment day and certainly no God waiting for us up above or down below.

Frankly…I have nothing to oppose their belief (they think atheist is not a belief…coz they obviously don’t believe in God…but I still consider Atheist is a belief…it’s a belief there is no God). I found their arguments quite interesting, I learn so much from Atheist Musers. In some points it is true that we can not prove God’s existence by nowadays science…and yet science can not prove there is No God either!!! Both ways are something humans can not prove!!

Atheists don’t believe in God! Christians believe in Trinity! Buddhists believe in their philosophy! And Muslims believe in One God Allah! All those beliefs (I’m not going to say religion because Atheist is included) are something we believe by heart. None of us…not even me as Muslim…can actually prove the rightness of our beliefs, none of us has been dead and then come back to live to tell everyone that they are right or wrong!! What we have now is HEART, big heart to believe in our belief.

I have not even smallest doubt about Allah being my creator and the One I love most above everything else in this earth. I’m not the most devoted Muslim in this world, coz I do not listen to nothing but Islamic song nor doing all Islamic chores up to the smallest one. I do not remember all Ayats from Holy Koran nor attends all Islamic lectures. I am nothing but an ordinary Muslim. I believe there is One God, Allah and nothing but Allah. If there is no God, then who created us? Who created the world? Who created the universe? Nothing in this world happen in a snap of fingers…everything either created by human or already exists in nature. If we made everything that we wear, read, ride, eat or else…so it’s a simple notion that there must be something creating this world! Our brain controls our body to move, humans control their cars or other machines to move, and God controls this Universe to move. There is always something above something else.

 If God can not be proven simply by saying no one has ever seen God…then has anyone ever seen oxygen?? We believe there is oxygen, we believe that we breathe oxygen every second of our life… but can you see it?? Yet you believe it so much!! If it’s because we can not touch it…can you touch Oxygen?? How do you believe its oxygen that we breathe when we can not even touch it??

Everything that can not be seen nor touched is not always considered as not exist!!!

No matter what they believe or what I believe, none can prove it till the end of time…so let’s live in peace without bothering other people’s belief. Stop pointing our finger to someone else and telling their belief is ridiculous and we have the right one!!! If we want to spread our belief, use the peace way…telling all good things about our belief and never once mention bad things about other’s belief. There is one ayat (I forgot which one coz I’m not so good in memorizing something) saying “do not mock other’s God for you will hate it when they mock your God

 This is just a piece of my mind.

5 thoughts on “I Believe in You

  1. Very well said Novroz. Just because something isn’t tangible does not rule out its existence. Also, nothing gives us the liberty to mock others’ beliefs. What is worse is people who do so but cannot stand anyone mocking them in turn. Hypocrisy, I tell you.
    Faith is one of the strongest emotions there is. With love, I believe it is what makes the world go around. While faith may be to each his own, it is certainly very much there.
    Thank you for raising some very valid concerns and setting me thinking. I like! 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading this, Debo.
      When I still hang out it that forum (I rarely go there now due to time spent on 2blogs), it was interesting reading the arguments…I rarely took part, just an observer because I will hate it if they start mocking my faith…so I just sit nicely and read their comments.

      I agree with you, faith is something special and should not be forced nor mocked. We can all live together and mind our own bussiness when it comes to faith.

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