Who is Agostino Giglio???

About a week ago, I found this guy…I was totally amazed with him! It defines the word Falling In Love at The First Sight…but in a different way, it’s a love for his amazing talent.

I often visit the Download Area At muselive.com, but I’ve never visited Cover and Remixes. A week ago, out of curiosity, I checked it out, my eyes laid instantly on Stockholm Syndrome using piano by Leone8. After I finished downloading it…I was completely out of word…It was amazing!! This guy by the name Agostino Giglio plays the entire song (complete with melody and rhythm) with his on cord. His fingers were moving so fast…someone even commented him by saying ‘I want to cut your finger’…it was a joke of course.


At that same time…I have became one of his fans. After SS, I started downloading all his video…right now I have 22videos, and they are Blackout, Bliss, BnH, CS, Hoodoo, Hysteria, Invincible, Micro cuts, MM, NB, PiB, RbS, S4A, SD, Starlight, Sunburn, TSP, TiRO, Endlessly and Unintended . My favorite one is Hysteria…it’s completely awesome!! I’m still waiting for his other works.


This is his site, maybe you want to check it out. here


3 Comments Add yours

  1. [dh] says:

    any new vids frm him?

  2. [dh] says:

    miss, finally i can d/l mugiwara theatre! yosh~
    the inet at my warnet is now very fast, hahahah

  3. nijiko says:

    yup!!! I’ve just finished downloading Escape and Maps of Problematique

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