Promotion Video : SHOWBIZ

I’m sure this is not an important article, but I’m so eager to write it. This is how I see every muse’ Promotion Video…what I think about it…what story I think they were trying to say. It’ll be more than one article…the 1st one is about videos from SHOWBIZ.

1. Muscle Museum

There were 2 kinds of video for this song…I know that the 1st one was officially from them, but the 2nd one gives a strong doubt, it looked more like a fans made video.


Muscle Museum 1:
This video is very interesting, well honestly I don’t know what they’re trying to say, but the whole concept is quite interesting…there were a lot of people crying, feeling sad about something…they were all depressed. From paper boy to cheerleader to housewife, from boys to men, and from girls to women. They were all crying in different condition, a cheerleader on her bed, a woman on training bicycle, a man washing his car, etc.  Muse it self was playing in an empty club, no audience at all, and the only living person was a janitor who was cleaning the left over. I like the part where there’s water pouring from everywhere…it fits perfectly with the music. It’s kinda depressing to watch this video too often, that’s why I prefer the other video.

Muscle Museum 2:
Like I said before, I like this video better than the other one. It has simple idea, they simply collecting all their live performances, all the excitement during those Lives. I always love this kind of Video. Matt appeared more than Chris and Dom. There are some parts that showed their destructive live, they used to crash their instruments in the end of their performances, they rarely doing it now. It gives extra excitement just by looking at this video.

2. Uno

There were also 2 videos from this song…well actually there were 3 videos but I can’t download it…its sucks but there’s nothing I can do.


Uno 1:
This video is very simple…it showed Muse singing in a television show, and we can see the lines which usually appeared when we’re shooting pictures inside television. And then in the middle of muse’ performance, an old movie (in black and white) appeared, it showed a man and a woman dancing in front of a band. It was sooooo simple, it makes me wondering, how could they made this kinda video…so unlike muse’ other videos. But this video also has a good thing in it…Matt in this video was so damn Cute!! I just CAN’T take my eyes of off him



Uno 2:

I like this video much better than the other one…it has story to represent the song. It tells about a woman, who was looking for someone, this ‘someone’ happen to be Muse (even though Muse consists of 3 men but I like to refer it as one). She went to a building full of doors, when she opened door no.1, no one can be found inside. The building was like a maze, so she decided to leave her necklace as a mark that said she was there before. She kept on opening doors after doors, yet she found nothing. And then she found room 111, she started listening trough the door, she was so sure there’s a sound behind that door. On the other side of the door, Matt was also listening trough the door. She pushed it open and strangely she found no one. It was a room without floor, and she almost fell into that big hole. In her desperation she found nothing but her own necklace as if it was saying “you’re back to zero”. It really represents the meaning of ‘you could have been no.1 but you blew it away’


3. Sunburn

This video is also one of my favorite, just like Uno, it has a story. There was a girl, she was watching television with her little brother. Their home was empty, suddenly she had this urge to go to her parents’ room. She was trying on her mother’s jewelry but when she was looking at the mirror, matt showed as if he was her subconscious mind. She couldn’t saw anyone standing behind her, but the image of matt was still there in the mirror. The other Muse came joining with matt. Their present stressed her out, and then she started throwing something to the mirror. Her brother came to that room and finding her sister sitting on the sofa in front of the broken mirror. For me this video tells about ‘being who you are, don’t pretend to be something you aren’t because you can’t hide it when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror’

4. Unintended

The last video from Showbiz was Unintended. Such a beautiful video. It doesn’t have a story yet the whole concept of this video match with the song. Every picture in this video seems like the perfect movement for the music. It’s like watching a beautiful dance. Some people think that this video is a bit weird, but definitely NOT for me…I love this video. They stretched and twisted the picture, it feels like the picture was doing ballet with this song. Everyone but Matt, Chris and Dom was twisted. It actually created a beautiful movement. Matt sings solemnly, Chris plays in silence and Dom is deep in his own thought. The video ended with Chris sitting near the fireplace, Dome in a room and finishing touch is Matt slowly laying down his body on a bed. I honestly said that this video is my favorite among all Showbiz Videos.

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