Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows

Well finally, we are all facing the last chapter of the life of the boy who live. I have great expectation at it…but let’s see what really happened in the book.

Caution: HUGE SPOILER!!!

Harry’s protection’s charm will ended at his 17 years birthday, so the orders were planning to move Harry a well protected place. The death eaters found out about this plan so they ambushed them, but luckily they got away. However, the incident killed Mad-Eye Moody and Hedwig. In the 1st chapter, it was also mentioned that Lupin and Tonks had married. After Harry was saved in Weasley’s house, he, Hermione and Ron started planning their trip to destroyed Voldermort’s horcruxes (Dumbledore had destroyed the ring). They fled at the same time when death eaters came crushing Bill and Fleur’s weeding. So they lived on the run.

>They finally retrieved the Locket but unable to destroy it without Gryffindor’s sword. Then suddenly A Silver Doe appeared and showed them where the sword was. The 2nd Horcrux finally destroyed. The next horcrux laid inside gringott, so they break through it and brought the Cup of Huflepuff. Voldermort finally realized that Harry, Ron and Hermione were after his horcruxes. They next Horcrux was inside Hogwart. They went there and found out that the owner of Hog’s head was actually Abeforth, Albus’s little brother. They met a lot of Dumbledore’s Army, lead by Neville and seamus, inside the Room of Requirement. Many more came joining them on the attempt to start a war against Voldermort’s army. 

And so it began…the final war at Hogwart. While everyone was fighting, the three of them keep searching the 4th Hocrux. It was the Ravenclaw’s Diadem. The Cup was destroyed by using basilisk’s fang and the diadem was destroyed in Fiendfyre. The last Horcrux was Nagini, Voldermot’s snake. But Voldermot kept her always by his side. The war continued, shattering the castle and killed many people including the one that I wish will live through the last chapter…at this part I felt so disappointed and it made me stop reading it for a while…Fred (one of the twins) die in the war…I used to say that “I don’t give a damn if Harry is dead as long as not the twin!!” but JK killed him anyway T.T. And the war also killed little creevey, Lupin (my fav james’ friend) and his wife Tonks… so Ted, their son, became like Harry, an orphanage.

So I finally had the spirit to continue reading it…the war keep on going. Harry, Ron and Hermione saw Voldemort killed snape and snape gave Harry his memories before he died. From that memory, Harry found out all the truth about snape…he was Lily’s friend, he loved her so much, he crossed over to Dumbledore’s side after Voldermort killed Lily. He became Dumbledore’s spy and without Harry knowing it, Snape actually loved Harry. Dumbledore’s death was planned, he was dying and Snape killed him on his order. Harry finally knew that the only way to kill Voldemort is by letting Voldemort killed him, because Harry was accidentally became Voldemort’s 7th Horcrux when he tried to kill baby Harry. 

But because Harry was willingly be killed by Voldemort, the one that actually been killed was the horcrux inside him, so Harry pretended to be dead. Voldemort marched to the castle announcing the dead of Harry. The war broke again when Voldemort tried to kill Neville. In the end Neville slashed Nagini’s head, the last Horcrux. And Harry defeated Voldemort, because the spell that Voldemort cast was backfiring him. And it end the War.

Next chapter was an epilogue, their life nineteen years later. Harry and Ginny had 3 children, James, Albus Severus and Lily. Ron and Hermione had Rose and Hugo. Neville became professor. James Potter was more like the twin and Albus was like Harry. Oow almost forgot…Dobby died when he tried to save Harry…poor elf.

Well…that’s the last book of Harry Potter…and my conclusion is “The ending wasn’t blowing enough…I don’t feel the “lost” feeling like most of my favorite books. Like Lord of The Ring, for example, it gave the sense of ‘oow I’m gonna miss everyone and all the adventures in this book’ and bitterly said I didn’t find it in this last book…a bit disappointed because the journey was great but the ending was far from great.

My Favorite books are still Book 3 (The prisoner of Azkaban) and Book 5 (The order of the Phoenix).


  1. I didn’t like the ending! HARRY POTTER should die!!

    I agree with you: The Prisioner of Azkaban and The Order of th Phoenix were absolutely my favorite harry potter books. No one’s never told this. You’re the first one to say exactly what I saw.

    Novroz’ Answer
    Thx 🙂
    actually there are many people around me who said the same…I think she tried to make the book unpredictable but failing badly to do so

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