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Song Interpretation : Black Holes and Revelations


Since I became totally in love with MUSE…I have this strong desire to try to interpret their songs, it’s not an easy task to interpret their lyrics. I know that song is ambiguous, which mean it has more than 1 meaning. But everyone entitled for their own opinion…and these are mine…maybe my interpretations are different with others or even with what Matt trying to say through his lyrics…or maybe it is exactly what he’s trying to say.

 I’m going to start from their newest album to their latest album.

Take a Bow

Take a Bow is quite easy to understand…it was so clear. This song is about corrupt Politian, what they’ve done will gives bad effect to the society. What they’ve said is different with what they’ve done. Everything they’ve done will cause them pain in hell…in this part I’m a bit confused…as far as I know Matt is an atheist, so why did he mention hell? I thought atheist don’t believe in after life. My favorite line from this song is “Our Freedom’s consuming itself, what we’ve become is contrary to what we want” … I see this as a reminder, if we take freedom for granted it’ll change who we are. 


Though there are some confusing lines but basically I see this song as the way they see their stardom…Starlight here means fame or…as we all know matt is very humble so being fame isn’t a big issue for him…it’s more like their status as being musician. “I’ll never let you go if you promise not to fade away” it’s kinda like saying I’ll do my best as long as you guys still appreciate us. I will be chasing a starlight until the end of my life I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore” my interpretation of this line is that they will always do something to make people recognize them for their music, for the rest of their life they will continue doing it even though at some point it doesn’t seem worth anymore.

But as I say before song is ambiguous…some people interpret this song as Love song, starlight is the one that they love…but in my ear the song doesn’t feel as simple as that. 

Supermassive Black Holes

I’m not sure how to start interpreting this song. There are a lot of phrase that are quite difficult to understand. But I see the whole song as a bad love song…how this girl makes him like a fool, he’s never been a fool for anyone but her. We all know the theory of black holes…it will suck everything inside and we’re not sure where it’ll end up. Somehow this girl was doing the same thing to him, he was suffering, the girl had something that she kept inside and it making his heart ignites, he was hoping she will spat it out.  

Map of the Problematique

I don’t quite sure what this song all about…it’s too difficult to interpret. Well the title it self is a bit confusing. Maybe…I can only say MAYBE…it’s about the feeling of loneliness, but it’s not only that…it’s like everything in his life is not right. But who is ‘YOU’ in this song? Is this ‘YOU’ refers to someone or just a metaphor…as the problematique life that he has. Well in the end I can only said that maybe the song is about everything that goes wrong in his life.

Soldier’s Poem

The title show what the song mean…it is truly a poem about soldier. This soldier defends his country which refers by ‘you’. The song is so beautiful and the lyric is so poetical. The poem is about how a soldier feels when they are heading to war. He knows that it is wrong, the country knows it is wrong but he still has to go…and he’s kinda wondering does the country deserve this kinda sacrifice. There’s no justice in this world it means so deep because there never was a thing called justice in war…and this world is full of war. 


This song has the most incredible lyrics I’ve ever see in my life. The title it self shows what this song’s all about. It is very useful in lifting our spirit when we were feeling down. I think I need to write the whole lyrics.

Follow trough   Make your dreams come true   don’t give up the fight   you will be alright   because there’s no one like you   in the universe.Don’t be afraid   of what your mind conceives   you should make a stand   a stand up for what you believe.And tonight we can truly say   together we’re invincible.During the struggle   they will pull us down   but please,    please let’s use this chance to turn things around   and tonight we can truly say   together we’re invincible.Do it own your own   it makes no different to me   what you leave behind   what you choose to be   and whatever they say   your soul’s unbreakable

Well the lyrics kinda say it all…when you have dreams…go for it, stand up for what you’ve chosen to do in your life…it’s a difficult task…you will make it or you won’t but when you’re down use it as a bar to be conquered…don’t let if to break your spirit. And there will always be someone who always supports you and together you are invincible!! I love this lyric so much. 


I’m quite sure that this is a political song. Even though I really love this song but it was so hard to find the suitable interpretation. Finally this is what came out of my mind. We all know that even though the war was long over but the people are still restless and everything in the government seems to make it worst and some people become so uncontrollable and they try to eliminate the undesirable leader. What a deep song.


Honestly…I don’t know what the meaning of exo …so it became a barrier for me to interpret this song. From the lines…regardless of what exo mean…I think the song is about all those Politian (this is also a political song) who always hide something from the people in the name of policy…we are still waiting for a sign of these hidden things and when the time comes, what will you do? Ignored it? Oppose it? Or just simply believe in them as if it was a good policy?  

City of Delusion

This song seems like having 2 meanings…so I’m not sure which one is the right one.My first impression of this song is… He said something about touching the Divine and theories that crumbling down so I immediately assumed that this song is about his atheism statement (is he really an atheist or just a rumor? I am not really sure about it). As if he was trying to say “don’t come to me with your religion idealism, you may come running to your God when you are feeling down but it doesn’t work for me because all the theories in your religion proven to be useless. I like to stay in my belief and religion is nothing but a delusion. And I will defend my opinion no matter what…human were born, live their life and then die…there’s no such thing as after life But the line “you will not rest or settle until you guzzle and squander what’s left doesn’t feel fit with the 1st impression, this line feels like a political line…but it’s hard to make a story from it. So I left it hanging there. 


Another too poetical lyric…which means too difficult to interpret. Basically it’s about challenging our self. In life we have to follow our instinct, it maybe risky but you could have lost the opportunity to be better if you are too afraid to take the challenge. 

Knight of Cydonia

It’s another political song…Matt was trying to ask us to look back into history, so many fools can become kings or leaders and eventually they lead us into destruction. In the first part he said I’ll show you a God who fell asleep on the job this line kinda confirms me about his identity as an atheist. It seems like he was saying if there is a God how come there were so many mistakes in history. And then he asks us to defend our self, we have the right for our life and the government can not control us.

Well…that’s all my interpretation of this album. It was so hard to do this. Matt’s lyrics are so poetical so it takes time to understand it. I’m not sure I do justice to the lyrics but at least I’ve tried my best…and I’m proud of it. Next will be songs from Absolution.



To read more about this album’s lyrics go to www.muse.mu


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  1. Rizky Syaiful
    October 31, 2009


    ulasan album The Resistance buatan ku..

    Novroz’ Answer
    Thx 🙂

    I’ve checked your review on The Resistance…it’s nice

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