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Larc: 15th Anniversary

Finally…I  able to see this amazing concert in high definition DVD…I’ve seen it before in Youtube then my friend gave me this full concert in form of WMV. Thought I’ve seen it more than once, I was still unable to write review about it…something was missing. Now that I’ve the DVD version…it becomes clearer for me and I can write the review easily. I know that it is way too late to write about a concert review which happened 6months ago…but what can I say, I do not live in Japan so the review bounds to come too late.



They opened this concert with a great entrance…they played 4th Avenue Café in small stage and when they play the intro suddenly a curtain fell down showing Larc En Ciel inside a circle stage. It was a long awaited performance…they have never sing this song for such a long time. So I can that 4th is a memorable song. After that they moved using a small car to the main stage…a very huge stage. Then they played Caress of Venus…the stage was awesome…the biggest n most extravagant I’ve ever seen. Hyde was wearing a hat and suit that look like someone who as heading to his office…but in style. Ken also wore a suit but with red shirt, Yuki was wearing black suit with lace from its neck to chest like a gothic cloths and tetchan was wearing coat, unlike Hyde n Ken who were very formal…tetchan was kinda hip. Techan’s hair is awesomely made. And the next song was Vivid Colors.

And then there was an interview of each member, but not all members at once. Hyde said “we wanted to make it different as if 15th years can be seen in that stage and everyone can understand it” and Yuki said “white feather is quite a challenge and among all songs in this concert white feather is very special to me

So we can guess the next song was White Feather…I like the way Yuki play in here…for me he is better than Sakura. The stage was covered with white light in form of flowers. Everyone had taking off their coat. Hyde’s voice was still as great as before… it was a bit heavier than those early years but it was still great.

For the next song, they changed their cloths. Hyde wore snake skin shirt, it was the same shirt that he wore in Grand Cross Conclusion Tour. Ken with cowboy hat and haramaki, it was kinda like what he used in Reallive. Tetchan wore the same cloth that he wore in Shibuya 7days and Yuki wore a simple black T-shirt. They sang Neo Universe…it started with hanabi from each corner of the stage. Next was Honey…as usual Hyde played his guitar. Then Tetchan started playing his bass using banana…it was the beginning of Stay Away. Hyde n ken were naughty, they peeked into Tet’s skirt. They started this song very strong…somehow I can feel the energy. They used a lot of dancer for this song…they danced the same move with Stay Away PV. Red, orange n green light dominated the stage. Hyde really enjoying this song…well everyone seemed enjoying themselves.

Then they started playing request songs in MEDLEY, those were Heaven’s drive, Dive to Blue (the stage fill with blue light), Love Flies (Red light dominated the stage), then Hyde yelled “aha”…and they started playing Kasou, the stage turn into beautiful purple, and then came my favorite song Finale (the stage was in Dark blue and purple), they also played their PV on the big screen behind them…and then something amazing…I can say it was unthinkable before…in the end of the song, Sadako suddenly appeared behind Hyde. And then Shinsoku came after Finale, Green laser fill the stage…such an amazing view…they only played the refrain. And then the song that I’ve requested to them was played…it was Anemone…beautiful song…I kinda wish they played it full not just in medley. Then Flower, Snow Drop, and Heaven’s Drive again.

Then they started playing full song again, it was Driver’s high and as always it started with car engine and powerful intro. The next song was Ibara no Namida, for this song Hyde put on his guitar again. The stage turn into red if the stage was on fire…there’s a view of blazing fire on the wide screen behind them…in the middle of the song a real fire appeared in the front side of the stage…it was so cool the real fire makes it even better… then another fire burning up on the back side of the stage near Yuki…awesome. It was a flawless performance.

Then there was another interview. Ken said “it’s hard to find all wardrobes and then I use bandage (haramaki) but I have to fix it 3times so it won’t hurt me“. Then Hyde said “we have to perform some songs which haven’t been sung for a long time“. After that they showed their sound check. In the interview Yuki said “when the venue is big the sounds seem flying” and Ken said “it was quite satisfying with the sounds I enjoy it“, Hyde “we can picture it as the whole town joining there and there is a band that have been love by so many…I’m really touch by it“. Finally Tetsu show up in the interview section and said “I get on stage and take a look around, the view is not much different than the usual” Then another sound check session. And then they let us saw their backstage preparation and as always their pray and or more likely to say Tetsu’s words before going on stage.

The another interview, Tetsu “I kinda space out when we were on stage” Ken “I think we have great concert and I love to watch it from the outside as the guest” Yuki “I don’t really have to watch it, I wonder where we headed for from now on, so I kinda enjoying what we have now

The concert star again…they use another dress. Ken wore black suit, Tetsu wore long black coat, Hyde with long coat and motive shirt, and Yuki wore another black suit. They played New World and just like in Awake tour, there were flags around the stage. Then Hyde said “jaa…kondai wa boku no suki kyouku..kiite kudasai gochisousama” then they played Jojoushi. It was a Nice touch on the stage…they use soft red orange light…we can really capture the feeling of the song. They also played the video on wide screen. I found a change in ken’s guitar key. Hyde looks so gorgeous here. Then the famous drum intro from Killing Me rock the building…and green laser follow the beat of the drum. Hyde jumped down the stage and walking around in front of the crowd then standing on a ladder and tossing around the audience…the fans went berserk…I certainly will do the same if I was there. When Hyde got back on stage he crawled in between ken’s leg…quite making uproar. Then Hyde said “Are u fucking ready” then they played Ready Steady go. Bringing the crowd into an incredible atmosphere…They were jumping around than men with smile box on their head appeared on the stage… nice setting if I mind say. ..They all have different expression. And walking like robot.

Then came Link…it set the stage on incredible lightning…it was crazy. Big devil from balloon appeared on the back and some men who were caring yellow balloon appeared behind a big smile box. Some big balloons fell down from the roof and then it blew up and small balloons appeared from inside it. Then everyone seemed to have their own balloons….Such a nice view. And then they stopped the song for membaa shoukai. 1st was Yuki (I can not catch what he was saying), then Tetsu using handkerchief n of course his famous banana. Ken had to speak fast…just like what the MC told him to do. The last one was Hyde, he was asked to do break-dance…it was quite funny, and then the song continues.

Then hyde said ” tsugi no wa saigo no kyoku ni narimashita” He said (this is what I can catch from his words…it is not exactly the same only the outline of what he was saying) “This past 15th years…a lot has happen, we have nothing back there and we have nothing now…we were so grateful to you for coming to all of our show and we will try to make 30th anniversary within the next 15th years but we will be old at that that …will you guys still come? Everyone shouted “Yeaaa” Including me. “Daijoubu desu ka?” and once again the crowd yell “yeaa“…I think all their fans feel the same…we don’t care if they are old and not as beautiful as they are now…as long as they keep making songs…I will always love them..hear every song they’ve made and watch every performances they’ve performed. Then Hyde said “Arigatou… Niji o kiite kudasai“. The air seemed so touchy…it almost bring tears to my eyes…this song says everything about them more than any other songs. Blue light dominated the stage during Niji. And the audience was waving blue/green fluoresce light. Unlike other concert…in this concert, they played the words that were said in Niji (recorded version). Hyde really into this songs…so influenced by it Then feather were falling down from above just like their Come Back Concert (Reincarnation). The light suddenly changed into the colors of rainbow… awesome. And it end beautifully with Hyde giving L sign with his hand…It meant L’Arc~en~Ciel.

And as ending, they said thanks for 109.652 people that had came and make all the ticket sold out….in the newspaper, it was said that those ticket were sold out within 3 minutes…crazy…and then they announced their new release such as Chronicle Zero, Box Set and expanded version of ARK n RAY. They also announced their up and coming single and at the end…their tour schedule. I admire them so much for planning everything way a head. They have their break and promise to come back in the end of 2006 and they did come back. And they already plan their tour even though they haven’t recorded the songs yet.

Basically this concert was Superb, and well organized…they pay so much attention to its setting. If we look carefully we can see a lot of memorable from their past, such as Gargoyles statue, Smile Box, The icons from Hi o Tsukete concert. They used their old cloth as a reminder to their previous concert. They sang some old songs. Too bad WOWOW didn’t play all the songs…I was kinda curious on how they sang All Dead, Metropolis, Dune, and I’m in Pain….and of course their newest song Shine. I am hoping they will release this concert officially and included all the song they had performed.


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