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Movie Review: Death Note

Osokute no ni..ii yo nee. Wake no wa kono eiga wa saikin Indonesia ni arimasu.(Even though  this is a very late review…it’s ok right? It’s because this movie has just reach Indonesia). I bought the pirate DVD from my student, jitsu wa ne hon mono o kaitai kedo hon mono wa arimasen kara pirate o kaimasu (honestly speaking I want to buy Licensed DVD but there’s no licensed DVD for this movie)

The story is a little bit different compare to it’s manga, but it’s understandable due to the big duration gap between movie and manga. Even after the change and shorten it, it still took more than 2hours..that’s why this movie is the1st part –I like to call it “the appearance of KIRA”- and the2nd movie will be released sometime this month –”The fighting of KIRA and L”Raito is already at college and he picked that Death Note in front of a bar, He was so angry seeing injustice being done right before his eyes. Criminal was not prosecute due to lack of evidence or insanity excuse. After trying the book just for fun –he wasn’t believe all those rules on the book– he found out that it’s for real, then start writing a lot of names…in this part, the appearance of ryukuu and the victims are a bit different from it’s manga. Lsuddenly appeared and doing some test to minimize the search ofL didn’t show him self to Raito at college like in manga.

The rest of the story is almost similar with it’s manga. L concluded that Kira is a college student, FBI sends Raye Penber and other 11 members of FBI to investigate KIRA. Raito find out about it and killed them all. The NPA whose investigate this case was narrow to 6people and L finally show himself. L suspect Raito as KIRA though the percentage is only 1-3%, and order to place some surveillance camera. The killing still happening and they take all the camera off. Now come the part which different from it’s manga. Naomi, Raye’s fiancée, kidnap Shiori, Raito’s girlfriend, and during this event, Raito get rid off Naomi and his own girlfriend, shiori. This event was meant to be Raito’s way to become part of KIRA investigation team. L suddenly appeared in front of Raito and let him join the team. This end the 1st part of Death Note.

My opinion about this movie is KEREN, SUGEE, COOL, AS EXPECTED. Though some parts are different but it all fits together, they didn’t over force it. The changing that was made to fit the duration was genius. This movie feels like When they made The Lord of The Rings…some parts are changed but feels fit…unlike when we’re watching Harry Potter…it’s sucks…it didn’t fill our expectation. Death Note Movie answer all my expectation and everything feels right.

The minus points of this movie to me are : Raito is not handsome and cool enough…somehowTatsuya Fujiwara does not fit to be Raito. “But two thumbs up for Ken’ichi Matsuyama…he is so L!! L’s Character is so alive in the hand of Ken’ichi”. Ryuuku animation is not too good…remember Gollum? Gollum doesn’t look like CG due to the realistic move he made…well for Ryuuku case, his movement is still to stiff and unnatural. But even though the animation is unsatisfying, is still nice to see ryuuku and it’s character and voice also fit.

OVERALL IT’S AN AWESOME MOVI…can’t hardly wait for the 2nd part of this movie

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5 comments on “Movie Review: Death Note

  1. sara
    April 14, 2011

    That monster gives me chills. So scary looking. This movie was on my movie club, YAY!! So I will get to watch it later this week. You are my new sourse for movies, music and books. 🙂

    • Novroz
      April 14, 2011

      But Ryuku is not scary at all 🙂 You’ll come to love him if you already read the manga. I think he is adorable. I’d love to cosplay as him…but the costume will be TOO expensive.
      Thank you for making me your source…but I should warn you that I have unusual taste for movie 😉

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