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Dance Dance Dance

As he searches for a mysteriously vanished girlfriend, Haruki Murakami’s protagonist plunges into a wind tunnel of sexual violence and metaphysical dread in which he collides with call girl, plays chaperon to a lovely teenage psychic, and received cryptic instructions from a shabby but oracular SheepMan. Dance dance dance is a tense, poignant, and often hilarious ride through the cultural Cuisinart that is contemporary Japan, a place where everything that is not up for sale is up for grabe

this is what was written on the back cover

I’m not sure when exactly this book was published, but I pretty much sure that this book was released before Kafka on the Shore *my first Haruki Murakamis book*. Just like Kafka, Murakami’s way of telling story is different from most writers. He makes us eager to read even though the plot is only about daily activities.

This time Murakami wrote about the life of an average man who suddenly found him self in a weird experience.

The protagonist character (Murakami didn’t wrote his name until the end of the story…he keeps on using I…so the protagonist is nameless trough the entire story) suddenly dreamed about Dolphin Hotel which he never visited again for 4 years. He felt like someone was crying for him. When he came to Sapporo to stay in that hotel, he found out that the hotel had changed…it used to be a damp and unwell kept hotel but now it become an extravagant hotel. But the name of the hotel was still the same even though the owner had changed. He went there to search his old girlfriend named Kiki.

In that Hotel he made friend with the hotel receptionist named Yumiyoshi. He also met a weird character called Sheepman who lived in the other world in that Hotel. The interesting part about this sheepman was the way he spoke, he spoke in entences like “whathaveyou’vebeendoingallthistime?” Who is this sheepman? What role does he takes in the protagonist life?

Before he left the hotel, Yumiyoshi asked him to take a 13 years teenager to her house, after this event he and Yuki (the girl’s name) became friend. Yuki had a weird family. A famous photographer mother named Ame and her one armed poet named Dick North, an almost famous writer as father, his name is Haruka Makimura (hehehe) with his gay assistant.

Along the way he found out that Kiki appeared in one of his junior high school movies. His friend’s name was Gotanda, a very attractive actor but very depressed. They became good friend because of his search for Kiki. A lot of things happened in his way to find out who had been crying for him and what was kiki trying to say to him.

In the end, Murakami leave us with a question in our head…is she still alive or had passed away? Who is the sixth person that will die?

I know that its not an easy thing to like Haruki’s work but somehow I always enjoy his weird taste in telling story, I would like to read more of his works.

In March 25th-28th, 2006, there’s a symposium about Murakami’s work, they called this symposium as A WILD HARUKI CHASE, this symposium is talking and discussing about Murakami’s work. It turn out that he was just awarded Kafka award.


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5 comments on “Dance Dance Dance

  1. Parrish
    December 23, 2010

    love the way murakami mixes everyday reality with the weird & wonderful. that magic-realism touch that just turns the day to day world on its head, then back again almost before you realise it.

  2. Caroline
    December 26, 2010

    This sounds like a wondeful book. A few years back I used to dream like this… Why not anymore, it was so much fun? I shouldn’t read your reviews… It tempts me to buy more books. I am hopeless.

    • Novroz
      December 26, 2010

      I can’t remember my dreams anymore these pas few years…i wonder why :/

      You know,I reread my own review and found so many grammatical errors…I’m so ashamed 😦
      2006 was the year when I started writing in English.

      • Caroline
        December 27, 2010

        I remember my dreams sometimes but I have to program myself and think “I want to remember them” before I go to bed. I read that in a book about dream interpretation once. It works often.
        I still make English mistakes but I don’t care so much anymore. I try to improve constantly but, yeah well, it still happens… No reason to be ashamed. The post is four years old. I wasn’t aware you were such an “old” blogger 🙂

        • Novroz
          December 28, 2010

          Such a trick exist? I have to try that one day. At least I can still remember interesting dreams from the past 😉

          I have been blogging since 2005 but with different host, I used blogdrive. In 2008, I moved to wordpress. It took few months to finally finished moving all the posts from the old blog to this one…that’s why I have more than 800 posts now.

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