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Today I want to talk about a novel called OUT by NATSUO KIRINO.

Out is a complicated novel about women’s struggle for a better life but they have taken the wrong path and it changes them forever. There are many character in this novel…at first they all look like unconected but in the end…everyone is connected in their on way.

These are the characters in OUT

Kotani Masako, Azuma Yoshie, Yamamoto Yayoi and Junouchi Kuniko are 4 women working at lunchbox factory in night shift. They start their work at 11pm until 5am.

Yamamoto Kenji is yayoi’s husband

Kazuo Miyamori also works in the factory,he is half bazillian and half japanesse.

Akira Jumonji is a loanshark

Satake Yamashita is the owner of a saloon called MIKA and Casino called playGround

Masako,kuniko,yoshie and yayoi try to make their work easier by working together, and this situation make them closer than anyone else in the factory. They all have different personality, masako is a tough and well-organized woman, Kuniko is acting beyond her pocket –she likes to buy expensive things eventhought she can’t afford it and it make her borrows a lot of money from bank and loanshark and she also likes to show off and very lazy–, Yoshie lives with her daughter and a very sick mother in law, she has to change her diaper everyday, and the last is yayoi, she is very pretty and lives with her husband kenji and 2sons. One day Yayoi said to her friends that his husband has spend all their saving and hit her. Couple of days later out of rage she kill her husband and then she call masako and tell her everything. Masako comes to the rescue and they decide to get rid of the body by cutting him. Masako ask yoshie to help her and told yayoi to stay at home to make alibi. While they are cutting kenji’s body…kuniko comes to masako’s house and try to borrow money from her..in the end masako force her to join them in this job. They cut his body into 43pieces and put them in the plastikbag. Masako order them to spread the bags in neighbourhood far from their house. But Kuniko left all her 15bags in the park garbage can. This mistake by kuniko lead them into serious problem. Police find the dismembered body and start investigating it.

Meanwhile in other place not far from these 4women, satake live happily running his sallon n casino. Satake dark secret was never found out by his employee. He was a muderer,when he was young hw murder and rape a woman so brutal but somehow trought this incident he learn how to love a dying woman…and it makes him different from most people. Kenji used to be one of his reguler visitor but satake has to throw him out because he was starting to be a pain in the ass by trying to become closer to his number one hostess and borrowing to much money in the casino. Because of this event police suspect him as kenji’s murderer.

Jumonji Akira is kuniko’s loanshark, he smell a lot of money from this incident. He try to get kuniko to talk about the incident and in return he will erase all her loan. He use this information not for blackmailing masako but to propose a job proposition. Their job is to cut of human body and burn it in accelerator.

Police put satake in jail as a suspect and close his bussiness,but they have to let him go again because lack of evidence…this incident make him want to take revenge on the real killer.

The story grows to unexpected turn everytimeand kirino is so good in making red line which eventually connect each character. This thriller is so brillianly carve and makes me don’t want to stop reading. Sometimes she make it to linger but in the end it lead to something important. This novel is the winner of japan grandprix of crimefiction and when UK publish this novel it become finalist in edgar award

another cover of OUT


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3 comments on “Out

  1. Melody
    May 21, 2009

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

    You asked for my opinion about your review on Out. Honestly, I think your review is very precise and like you, I look forward to reading Natsuo Kirino’s releases in the near future! 🙂

    Novroz’ Answer
    thx :), that means I don’t have to rewrite my older review 🙂

  2. JoV
    September 29, 2012

    I will skip this review first as I plan to read it this year! (I shouldn’t hold back any longer.. this is a book which is so talked about for so long ~) be back soon! 😀

    • Novroz
      September 29, 2012

      Horay…looking forward for your thought on the book. I like it a lot…a bit gruesome but still has heart, in other word it’s not just trying to emphasized on violence

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