Faith : Hyde’s New Album

Hyde , Laruku’s vocalist has released his 3rd solo album called FAITH. His 1st album, Roentgen, was soft, it had sentimental value for him. I like this album very much. His 2nd album, 666, was hard, it really make Hyde forces his voice…he shout a lot. Compare to his 1st album, this album fells like coming from a different person. And i also like this album. I was wondering how his 3rd album would be like and finally.

Well…it finally came out. Japan version was scheduled to be released April 26, 2006 and will feature his two newest singles: Countdown

The overseas version of FAITH is scheduled to be released on June 27th, 2006 and will include bonus DVD featuring music videos for both COUNTDOWN and SEASON’S CALL.

A five-month tour promoting FAITH was scheduled, beginning in April of 2006. Most locations are in Japan; however, after HYDE signed on with Sony’s North American-based Tofu Records, two concerts in the United States were added to the line up. The first concert announced was scheduled for July 5th, 2006, located in San Francisco, California. Shortly after tickets sold out for the event, rumors of a second concert were confirmed, to be held July 2nd, in Anaheim, California. This will be Hyde’s first international venture of his solo artist career….argh I’m full of envy…when will he come to my country???

These are my review from FAITH

This is one of my favorite songs. It’s 1st intro sounds like one of diru’s song *I forgot which one is it* …the 1st line is “Jesus Christ I’ve been with you, deep in trust, I won’t leave you” #hehehe his English is getting better# well…the truth is this song is about praise to Jesus and because I’m not Christian, it’s a little annoying…but the song is very nice, I like it’s piano back sound, the way hyde sing. Basically it’s a very good song, somehow it’s sound like rock-classic to me….so I just ignore it’s lyric….and I far as I know hyde is an atheist, he only likes the idea of religion.

This is his 1st single for this album, 6th single from Hyde The 1st time I heard this song…I felt like listening to a western song…it doesn’t sound like Japanese song. This song was made as STEALTH original soundtrack. Its PV was in black and white. I like this song after listening it for 2-3 times. Added with this song was track named Evergreen, but he made it sound different than was a rock version of evergreen. I really like this new evergreen.

I like its bass and drum’s intro…“made in heaven, God’s Creation” … it is so western, but it sounds like nirvana’s era, not like today’s rock. I like it a lot. He doesn’t do falsetto in this song. This is one of the songs that I fall for instantly. He is screaming at this verse “I want your blood, give it to me…” It was closed by drum’s sound.

It is the 1st soft song in this album, but not as slow as perfect moment, but I enjoy this one better  “I can feel..I can feel..waiting for this time..I can feel…now that the truth is mine” I like this song even though it has weird guitar effect. This song has a good lyric….Hyde’s pronunciation is really improving.

It was released on the 22nd of February 2006, and was used as the theme song for the popular Japanese anime, “BLOOD+”. The single topped the ORICON charts, returning Hyde to the #1 position on the charts since his successful 6th single COUNTDOWN. Added with this song single was a track named “Unexpected (Dist.)” which was a rock version of the previous song “UNEXPECTED” that was in his first album, I like this song better than countdown. It is a combination of 666 and roentgen, this song shows Hyde ability to sing in high tone….I fall for this song since the 1st time I heard it.

Even though it’s a rock song but Hyde balance this song with his falsetto.. I like it’s intro and bridge. This song has a lot of high not like season, it takes 3-4 times for me to enjoy it. “I see a future there is full calm”

It starts with weird sound of guitar effect, I like its drum…somehow it sounds like Yuki’s. It kinda hard to tell the different between this song and faith…but eventually i able to separate it. I’m not sure what this song all about. It’s also has woman’s voice as background. It’s hard to catch his words.

This is the softest song in this album…but somehow I can not catch its rhythm easily. “So perfect this moment..I’m happy to die..this moment”. The 1st time I listen to it, the music and the vocal don’t match…but at the end it sounds OK.

It started with acoustic guitar…“Come and dance with me”…it’s an easy listening song….i like it instantly…this is also my favorite song. It’s a very happy song… I like the way Hyde sing in high not,.it almost sound like screaming but melodically. It ends with “come and dance with me

Hehe I also feel like listening to diru’s song when I heard its intro. But only in intro. This song also takes 2-3 times to understand. Before i can catch it’s rhythm …I don’t really like it…but now I like it ^_^. It has back sound saying “the court finds the defendant guilty”.

One thing that I like bout all Laruku’s member’s solo project is they were always able to make something very different from Laruku’s song…it really showed their creativity as a person. I like them better as Laruku but I also enjoy their some of their solo projects. It will take sometimes for me to enjoy all songs in this album but I like how Hyde make another different type of music.

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