MONORAL is a japanesse band but all their songs are in english. Monoral are: Ali (Bass, Guitar, songs,arrangements) Anis (Vocal, Guitar, songs, arrangements)

They met at MTV Japan as VJ’s. Monoral released their debut album on July 2001; making an appearance at the famous Fujirock festival only 2 days after. Their song “good bye” hit the top of the InterFM playlist. Armed with their high-quality sound they are just about to break into the Japanese rock scene. They also collaborate with other artists (Fumiya Fujii, LISA, Hal from Apollo69, MondoGrosso etc) in various ways (songwriting, song arrangement, lyrics and performances). 2004/03/24 monoral released their second mini album “ammonite” which ranked No3 at Tower Records Indie Charts and remained in the Top 50 for7 months.
They are currently recording their first full length album.


Eventhough they are a japanesse band but they write their song in english and they don’t sound like any other jrock, they sound more like britpop. I honestly love their songs…it has it’s own taste, no other band in japanesse sound like their music. Anis has a good ability in speaking english, he doesn’t sound like most japanesse when they’re singging in english. His english is so much like british people. My friend then told me that this band is connected to hyde…and then i found anis in hyde second solo album “666” he was hyde’s tutor, he helped hyde to write hyde’s song in english and he also helped hyde to make his pronounciation better. He propably grow up abroad *outside japan* because his englsih is flawless.

Their first mini album is IN STEREO which include their 1st singgle Goodbye. This album was released at 2001/07/25. My favourite song from this album is Weird Kind of Swing.

their second mini album is AMMONITE. It was released at 2004/03/24. My favourite from this album is I am I am.

Finally they released a full album called PETROL at 2005/07/13. It has 11 amazing songs. I have a lot of favourites from this album, such as Healthy Sick Bastard, Like You and Frozen Peak.

Their latest project is Visions in My Head which is totally cool…i love it so much. You can easily fall in love with this song..full of spirit.

Hoply this band will last long so i can continue listening to their creation ^_^

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  1. kalo ELLEGARDEN tau ga miss? mereka juga lagunya banyak berlirik english

    Novroz’ Answer
    Tau 🙂 tapi belum dgr banyak.

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