Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

Yatta….i finally finished reading Harry Potter 6, i know that it has been months since they 1st published this book,but i haven’t got a chance to buy it, i bought it last monday and start reading it on thursday.

ok where should i start….There’s a lot of things happen in this book…

1st the love scene…as i have expected it to happen since the 1st time ginny show up…she and harry are made for each other. Harry hasn;t realise it before because they are so close and the fact that she is ron’s sister,but in this book he findly notice that he had certain feeling which is more than just as brother to sister toward ginny. And they start going out in this book,tought et the end harry said to her that they have to stop seeing each other,he doesn’t want her to end up dead because of her. He still much in love with her that’s why he has to do it. Fleur and Bill got engaged, and fleur turn out to have more than juat a beatiful face,she has a big heart…when greyback-a werewolf who once bitten lupin-somehow got his teeth on bill’s face n injured his face so bad and perhaps change his behaviour a bit wolfish,fleur still not willing to break their engagement,and love him still. Another romance happen to Lupin and Tonks…i always think that they will make a cute couple ever since the fifth book…Lupin has been denying tonks because he think he’s not the perfect man for her,being werewolf and much older than she is. But at the end they end up holding each other hands in Dumbledore’s funeral.


well someone died in this book. Dumbledore is giving harry private lesson about voldemort past in order to find hir weakness. They finally find out that voldemort use hoxcruxes*i forgot how to spell it* It is a way for a wizard to be able to split their soul and put it in something. Voldemort somehow able to split his soul into 7, and that make him immortal. They have to destroy all hoxcrux if they want to be able killing voldemort. harry has destroy 1 hoxcrux-the tom ridle diary- and dumbledore able to destroy 1 hoxcrux. they have to find the other four. in attempt to find the 3rd hoxcrux,dumbledore ask harry to join the search and when they comeback…something terible happen.

Harry has been suspecting something was not right with malfoy..he is up to something. Meanwhile harry somehow own a copy of textbook advanced potion and it help him a lot. It used to belong to HALF-BLOOD PRINCE. Harry finally find out who is this prince..it was snape. It turn out that snape has a mother name ellen prince who is a pureblood and then married to a man name snape, so severus snape was a halfblood not pure blood just like voldemort.

In all the chaos that happen after harry and dumbledore return from searching hoxcrux..malfoys smuggle some death eater and try to kill dumbledore,at the end it was snape who kill dumbledore and he escape with the rest death eater.

So now leave the question…what will happen to book 7? will harry really leaving school and try to track the other hoxcrux? is there something beyond all the lies snape had been perform all this time? somehow i find there’s something behind dumbledore’s murder but we just have to wait for J.K to write that 7th book. I can’t hardly wait.

Say something so I know you have read my post, THANK YOU for reading :)

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